Jeff Burk Goes to the ‘Free Speech Rally’ & May Day Protest

By Jeff Burk

My reactions to the “free speech” rally today – first off it was not in any way a march for “free speech” – it was a march in rally of Trump. The only mention of “free speech” was one person whining about how their college campus required approval of flyers on campus. It had a strong anti-immigrant bent in a neighborhood in Portland that is heavily immigrants.

The Trumpsters came ready with body pads and make shift weapons, the antifa, that they are so scared of, came with clowns, luncha libra masks, and jugglers. It was pretty hilarious.



What was not funny was I met up with a trans friend who was an counter protester as well and he was insulted non-stop over who they choose to be. The Trump supporters went out of their way to make sure they did not appear racists but they didn’t give a shit about homophobic or transphobic insults. “Faggot,” “What ARE you,” and “dyke” were completely OK to them.

It’s also worth noting that it was one of the only times in my life that I was completely surrounded and screamed at by supporters of a politician. It was very strange to be at the center of energy like that. I was completely surrounded (as were my friends) while people screamed at us how we were “un-American,” “communists,” and “going to hell” because we did no support Trump’s policies.

Us protesters where insulted and harassed and yet the city gave the Trumpers threes buses back to their cars because they were tired. Seriously – their march ended and their screaming at us happened in a Burger King parking lot.


I do want to give props to all the Trump supporters that apologized to us on how we were treated. Met lots of cool people on both sides. There were some Trump supporters that were seriously cool dudes. We may disagree politically but I wish them well.

The anti-Trump juggler was the best.

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