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Constance Ann Fitzgerald is an author and the head honcho of Lady Box Books. She’s also someone who, like me, loves dogs and tacos. Jokes aside, Constance is one of those friends I made in the bizarro community whose words I dig and whose career is a pleasure to see blossom. Her latest book, Glue, is an outstanding, devastating look at loss, family trauma, and coping. It was published by Lazy Fascist Press, who never fail to amaze with each new release, and it’s been gathering praise since it came out, so get on it. In any case, Constance is also tattooed, and I asked her to tell us a bit behind the pieces of art that adorn her skin. This is what she had to say: 

WWKHD 💜: What Would Kathleen Hanna Do?


I needed this tattoo to motivate and inspire me. Kathleen Hanna never stops. She can’t be kept down. She will always be heard. She is driven and creative and bold as fuck and sometimes (all the time) I need to be reminded of her drive to keep myself going.
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PJF : I got this tattoo to memorialize an amazing woman who made a deep impact on my life, my mom, Patricia Jean Fitzgerald. I wanted it to be like the devotional symbol of the sacred heart, but not so much a catholic symbol because she studied with Jehovah’s Witnesses, and while I’m Italian and Irish, I’m not Catholic. I got the flowers added the following year for her birthday. Narcissus, the birth flower for December. I explained to the artist/my friend Cody Holyoak (Aces Over Eights, Petaluma CA) what I was trying to do and he nailed it. His colors always come out so vibrant and the rays of light are perfect. (He’s also responsible for my Mona Lisa as Medusa thigh piece, which I love but I could only pick 3 for this)
My brother ended up getting a heart themed tattoo in almost exactly the same place for her. We didn’t talk about it, it just happened and I think that’s beautiful.
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Cameos: I got my chest tattooed because I felt like I fucking earned it. I moved to California because I spent four years being told by this dude in a band (insert numerous red flags and sirens here) that he loved me and I needed to move there so we could be together.
I packed up and dropped my life in Arizona to do it.
After being there for about a month, dude told me I had the wrong idea, he just thought I’d like it there. Turned out he had a live-in girlfriend and a daughter closer to my age than he was. I know how to pick ’em.
So, yeah, I was devastated. It ended up being for the best because that guy was the fucking worst. I met some really great people, one of whom is still one of my very best friends and the cameo image was her idea.
I’d always loved cameos. My bio mom had a pieces of cameo jewelry when I was a kid and I always thought they were lovely.
I got them tattooed to commemorate coming out the other side of a big life change/mess and moving forward with as much grace as I could muster.

Constance Ann Fitzgerald’s Glue

Constance Ann Fitzgerald also runs the indie press Ladybox Books which has published books by exciting new female voices both in print and in Zine form.

Check out her website A Train Wreck With Words for updates!


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