Assault with a Deadly GIF & Debating Planned Parenthood | John Podesta’s Pizza Party

John Podesta’s Pizza Party is a series under CLASH Media banner. It is comedic culture and politics podcast covering unsavory bits of the internet, media, and government.


This week guests Garrett Schuelke & Zach Elmblad join the roster and catch up on all of the current events in this two part episode. In Part 1, the boys discuss Newsweek editor Kurt Eichenwald claiming he was assaulted with a deadly weapon — a gif, JonTron sounding a bit racist on a live stream, Trump’s budget and his snubbing of a handshake with Angela Merkel, among other things. In Part 2, they get into a debate over Planned Parenthood and federal funding, and then discuss the controversy surrounding Marvel’s Iron Fist Netflix series and whether or not George Soros is a lizard.

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