The 100 Funniest Tweeters You Need To Follow

2016 was an ugly year. Here to save the day are the brave men and women of Twitter who were a ray of sunshine during that dark period in human history because 2017 isn’t looking much brighter.

I did not make the list because I made the list, but just know that I’m definitely one of the more hilarious people on Twitter and would totally be on this list if I wasn’t the beacon of humility that I am.

Below are 100 the funniest Tweeters, in no particular order.

Sparky (@crunchenhanced)

Ursula(s) (@3sunzzz)

Liam (@li4mst3w4rt)

Hoppers (@Frogvalanche)

Line Art Lionheart (@notalogin)

Mo (@chuuew)

Zack (@mr_kapowski)

Lord Goomba (@obscuregent)

Vineyille (@vineyille)

Nate Chartier (@Natchartier1)

Chimney Spotter (@chimneyspotter)

Turd Ferguson (@generaldietz)

James Nielssen (@cool_as_heck)

The English Major (@audenary)

Dr. Dave Cactus (@dave_cactus)

Bron the cow (@brampersandon)

Flannery (@imdaintyaf)

Jalbert (@Fat_jalbert)

Andrew W Chamings (@AndrewChamings)

Elvish Presley (@_ElvishPresley_)

Phil Stamato (@pstamato)

Swerve (@swervestray)

THE Burger King (@aburgeraday)

Rob Fee (@robfee)

Matt Oswalt (@mattoswaltva)

Rollman (@rollmaninoz)

McC (@MattMcC1)

She’sARealGenius (@shesarealgenius)

Ygrene (@ygrene)

JB 4Realz (JB4Realz)

Ally Gator (@notacroc)

KattsDogma (@kattsdogma)

Jon (@arfmeasures)

Olly Domino (@chumpstring)

Batkaren (@batkaren)

Rob (@Rockymomax)

Steven W Skinner (@SkinnerSteven)

GooglePossum (@Googlepossum)

Huntigula (@huntigula)

Goo Gibbon (@confusedhair)

Josh (@iwearaonsie)

Tommytoughstuff (@tommytoughstuff)

Kendra Gaylord (@kendragaylord)

Bear Girdle (@lebeargirdle)

Angie B (@angibangie)

Brett Druck (@brettdruck)

DaddyJew (@daddyjew)

Caetano Bravo (@cdoubleu)

Captain Antagonist (@anorangesnes)

Andy Levy (@andylevy)

Herbie (@obviouslyherbie)

MehGyver (@andrewnadeau0)

Kadyn The Wingman (@kadyngriffiths)

Infinity Plus One (@stuckinaportal)

Randi Mayem Singer (@rmayemsinger)

Josh Fadem (@joshfadem)

Decent Pigeon (@decentbirthday)

Danny (@dundlewood)

Burgess and Basil (@praisecheese)

Donni Saphire (@Donni)

Human Shark (@abrasiveghost)

Duck (@Druuuck)

Wylde de Beest (@flashember)

Tomsauced (trojansauce)

Boog (@boogtweets)

Cat Damon (@cornonthegoblin)

Baby Genius (@adultblackmale)

Piece (@Piecezilla)

Elizabeth (@elizabeth_fels)

Kel (@ohheyohhihello)

Dan Mentos (@danmentos)

Ste(ph)en (@stephenjmolloy)

The Pale Space Rider (@truegritrumble)

Adam Droud (@adamBroud)

Nathan Usher (@thenatewolf)

The Pan-Midwesterner (@panmidwest)

Kim Monte (@KimmyMonte)

Noah Garfinkel (@noahgarfinkel)

John O’Connor (@johntoconnor)

The Hype (@thehyyyype)

Cat Friendship Club (@ilikecatshirts)

Pat Tobin (@tastefactory)

Extremely Online Guy (@nickmullen)

Spacegirl Incognito (@iamspacegirl)

Jomny Sun (@johnnysun)

Kalvin (@KalvinMacleod)

Paperwash (@paperwash)

Penjamin (@upsidedowntrash)

Frank Whitehouse (@wheeltod)

Grant Tanaka (@granttanaka)

Fro Vo (@fro_vo)

Michael (@home_halfway)

Unami Skeleton (@Merman_melville)

REW (@therealeatwood)

Mike Bianchi (@mike_bianchi)

Eric Turtle (@dubstep4dads)

David Hughes (@david8hughes)

Rudy Mustang (@roostermustache)

Reverend Scott (@reverend_scott)

Todd Carlos (@thetoddwilliams)


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