“…if you’re looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror”  – Alan Moore (V For Vendetta)

Yes, you did. The moment you chose Hillary over Bernie, Trump won that day. 

If Ted Cruz had been the Republican candidate, I am sure Hillary would have beaten him easily in the presidential election. But the moment the Republicans chose someone like Trump, who sits on the far-right, Hillary, who in my opinion is more right than left, became a powerless opponent to Trump.

The people who lean to the right had a very clear candidate but the people who lean to the left saw Hillary as a slave of the big corporations, which is what the left is supposed to stand against. I personally have no doubt that Bernie would’ve beaten Trump with his eyes closed. The reason is that Bernie was not ambiguous like Hillary was. Trump and Bernie are similar in the sense that they said what they thought but not Hillary. She seemed like the the type of person who tries to be liked by everyone and thus comes across insincere. She was trying to be the pop song everyone loves, but only for a short period of time, while Trump and Bernie were the punk bands singing at the top of their lungs about the stuff they believed in, whether you liked it or not. Instead, hers was empty talk. That’s not to say that Trump’s wasn’t, too, most of the time, but that’s not a problem to the right because most people leaning to the right are easily seduced by populism and more basic instincts and ideas. That is why the same empty talk didn’t work for Hillary.

Coming closer to the elections, you heard people saying stuff like, “Vote whoever you want, but VOTE.” This is another reason why Trump won. I call it the vote of the ignorant. The right to vote doesn’t mean you have to, it means that you can. Like that NoFx song says: Majority rule, don’t work in mental institutions”. Assuming the majority is right is the biggest fallacy. If you take people who not only are not interested in politics, but have no idea about it, or who are moved by personal interests alone, or are misinformed and tell them to vote, you will get a bunch of idiots with ballots in their hands that are worth the same as those of people whose morals or intellect come from the right place. How good is this democracy? 

Democracy is the church deciding Galileo Galilei is wrong and saying that the earth is the center of the universe just because they were the (ignorant) majority. How is that for democracy ?

Democracy is being force-fed by media controlled by the main parties, making you believe there’s only red and blue when the spectrum is a lot wider. In a country that is virtually bipartisan, you can not fight an extreme with anything other than another extreme. Specially when the media decides to talk strictly about the two main parties.

America, having, by definition, a fascist economy (An inherent aspect of fascist economies was economic dirigisme,meaning an economy where the government exerts strong directive influence over investment while often subsidizing favorable companies, as opposed to having a merely regulatory role. In general, apart from the nationalizations of many industries, fascist economies were based on private individuals being allowed property and private initiative, but these were contingent upon service to the state”) needs to get figured out if they want to continue like this. The alternative is to change things by fighting this problem. 

If all it takes to be a president is money, then the middle and lower classes will never be taken into account because it’s a fact that people only care about issues that affect them. Why would Trump (or Hillary for that matter) care about something like poverty when they’ve never been there? They’ve never had to struggle the way the average American does.

There is this subconcious misconception that had Trump won, since he’s wealthy, you will share the same fate as him sometime after his becoming president. You, too, will become successful. Well my friend, you need to know that Trump’s only motivation is money and power. Not only will he try to get wealthier, but he will try to do it by any means, like he has always done, and by stepping on whoever gets in the way. Again, like he has always done. 

Wake up and choose your candidates more wisely next time. 


About Joel Amat Güell

Joel is an illustrator, graphic designer and writer from Catalunya. He has designed for bands and clothing brands you probably have never heard of and for some that you probably have. He has designed and illustrated other stuff for other people too.

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