CLASH Podcast Interview With Constance Ann Fitzgerald




CLASH Media had a lovely chat with Constance Ann Fitzgerald about her new book Glue, published by the Eraserhead Press imprint, Lazy Fascist Press. Glue is a heartfelt narrative about a father’s multiple motorcycle accidents and the damage beyond the accidents. This is a love letter from a daughter to a father, while sharing what it was like to see his life flash before her eyes in intimate and raw detail. It is a gem of a book. It will make you laugh and cry and fiend for more of her words. This books is painfully real and eloquent. It has a beautiful cover by Australian artist Matthew Revert, and it is small enough to put in your back pocket.

“You’re a giant open wound that can’t manage to heal. Sometimes it gets close and you just keep bumping into things and tearing it open. You can’t help but pick at it. None of it sanitary. None of it comfortable.”

Constance Ann Fitzgerald, Glue

Constance Ann Fitzgerald also runs the indie press Ladybox Books which has published books by exciting new female voices both in print and in Zine form.

Check out her website A Train Wreck With Words for updates!

Check out what she has to say about what inspires her and and makes her tick!