Wu-Tang Tribute Anthology Table of Contents and Release Date


CLASH Books is proud to present “This Book Ain’t Nuttin to Fuck With: A Wu-Tang Tribute Anthology” edited by Christoph Paul and Grant Wamack. It features stories of Crime, Horror, Science Fiction, Ninja Action, Noir, Mythos, Literary Fiction, and Bizarro Fiction that give tribute to one of the best hip hop groups of all time. Below is the table of contents of all the writers who brought the mother fucking ruckus.


Gabino Iglesias                         BIG GHETTO BOYS

Charles Austin Muir                THE RAEKWONOMICON

Joshua Chaplinsky                   SUPREME MATHEMATICS: A CIPHER

Mame Bougouma Diene         BEATS, BONES, & BRISKET

Jeremy Thompson                    WU-TANGIBLE

J.C. Carter                                    ABBOT OF THE WHITE LOTUS

Loren Kleinman                        SUNSHOWER

Robert Dean                              THE WORLD FELL BENEATH THE BROKEN CONCRETE

Andy Rausch                             THE NIGHT OL’ DIRTY BASTARD CAME TO HOBOKEN

Tom Leins                                   INCARCERATED SCARFACES

Laura Lee Bahr                         THE ONE WHO SWALLOWS THE SEA

David Osborne                          PCP & METH & MOLLY & ALCOHOL, & NO SLEEP

S.L.  Dixon                                  THE RIGHTEOUS HUNT

Aaron Besson                            HELLRZA

Sergio Hernandez                    LINX


The release date is Jan. 15 2017. Reviewers who want a PDF or ARC please email Clashmediainc@gmail.com with Attn: Wu-Tang Tribute.  Below is the cover designed by Matthew Revert.



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