Breaking News: Jared Leto OUT, The Joker To Be Recast in DCEU

Say “Good Night” to the Bad Guy; Jared Leto and Margot Robbie pose as their respective characters for Entertainment Weekly.

Suicide Squad: Extended Cut just hit Amazon and iTunes yesterday and fans are already rejoicing over the extra minute and a half of footage featuring Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) and The Joker (Jared Leto). But don’t get too excited.

After breaking word back in late 2014 that Jai Courtney would be cast as Captain Boomerang in Suicide Squad, a personal source inside Warner Bros. is now suggesting that the company is looking to sever ties between Leto and the DC Universe in spite of his multi-film contract. Executives were said to be “less than thrilled” with the mixed audience reaction to Leto’s performance and had worries going into the theatrical release, which resulted in several minutes of Joker footage being nixed from both the Trailer Park/Ayer version and the extended edition, now available on digital platforms. Leto voicing his displeasure with the final cut in interviews after the fact, apparently, did not help his case either.

It’s unknown at this time if the studio is courting anyone to take Leto’s place in future installments, but The Joker will not have an appearance in Zack Snyder’s upcoming superhero team-up film Justice League and is not present in the current draft of Ben Affleck’s The Batman. Any plans to involve his character in the upcoming Margot Robbie-produced Harley Quinn/Sirens spin-off are intended to be kept to mere ‘references’ at this time.

Warner Bros. is looking to go ahead with Justice League and Wonder Woman in 2017 (the latter of which has prompted concerns amongst insiders), with Aquaman and the director-less Flash solo film scheduled to be released in 2018.


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    1. AnonymousRex

      He is a relatively untalented actor and musician. He fails at both. Hes not even a high enough profile actor to deserve the Joker roll in the first place. His pretentious egotistical attitude toward his all around badly received performance as the Joker by blaming it on the films screen time is just pathetic. The movie would have done way better having the joker cut completely, he made no sense. Not that the plot actually made much sense anywhere else in the entirety of the movie, worst film I’ve seen in years.

  1. Amanda Jackson

    Jared doesn’t need The Joker. He’s talented enough as it is. I’m sure playing him was fun and all but there is so much that Jared can and will do in his career that Suicide Squad will be a blip on hid radar. Not to mention Thirty Seconds To Mars and hid music career.

  2. L

    well, he didn’t like the job, his bosses and co-actors didn’t like him and most of the audience didn’t like him either (although i personally did, it was nice to have a different joker for once) – it’s probably for the best.

  3. Katie Louise Bennett

    To me jared leto just screamed a joker cosplayer. It was just a guybin face paint and some tats playing him. If this is true I hope theybget someone less conceited that will give the roll some meat and not just give off the ‘look at me I’m an amazing actor vibe’ x

  4. LuciferIsHotAsHell

    Can we please have some sources? I mean, this is the only article reporting this and it’s already three days old. By the way, Leto’s performance was definetly not the problem, he is a great actor, so if they decide to recast the Joker and still edit his scenes the way they did in Suicide Squad nothing will change. The acting was one of the few good things in this movie, including Leto’s.

  5. AnonymousRex

    Thank god he will be recast. Not thats any surprise to most of us who have seen the film and have been thoroughly disappointed by it at literally every turn. Worst performance Ive seen from ANY actor in years.

  6. JustFYI

    “Leto voicing his displeasure with the final cut in interviews after the fact, apparently, did not help his case either”
    Ummm really, lets deal with facts here, a ‘fan’ knowingly spread that RUMOR after she incorrectly interpreted his words at a Q&A for another of his projects, a project that was completely unrelated to Suicide Squad!! This is what happens when you put words in someone’s mouth!! They become rumors, which if repeated often enough, seemingly become the truth! Well done!

  7. Ritchey N Sewell

    To all the Jared Leto haters out there saying he did the movie injustice GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. HE WAS SOUGHT AFTER.
    do you NOT remember that this movie is now in the top 50 all time movie makers and most of that was contributed to the Joker. During all the Comicons it was the Joker who was most sought after. As Mark Hamill who was the 1st Joker just mentioned he actually said there is NO ONE joker better than another, Joker is like Hamlet always revolving and he quite liked Jared’s Joker. What people heard was a “PIECE” of a fan video taken out of context at their weekend fan retreat. He actually came back and formally said something about that. But again Oh the haters here well they cant remember that huh???. Also if an actor doesnt have any skills would he win an Oscar,
    Golden Globe, Spirit Award, SAG, as well as some odd 24 other awards? And if the band is that bad would they have won all the MTV music awards? I dont think so.. Anyway, yes Jared did stress his disappointment in ONE thing…. he wanted more Joker which would have make it an “R” rating and that would mean David Ayer would mean that he had a tough decision to make. Give Joker his day on the screen where he deserved thus and “R” rating or taking a lot of Joker out and thus giving it a PG-13 rating allowing more people to see it. Brilliant strategy as in the 1st weekend it made more money than Guardians of the Galaxy by 42% and Deadpool in their 1st weekend. Yes Jared was upset that there was not more Joker in the movie, but he is not the 1st actor to voict these things from movies its hysterical that people just thing he is like in the group that is all new and shiny. Like he a club president with his only member You dont know who is going to be in the Batman because its still in “Pre Production” so nothing is set in stone and umm lets see Jared is doing a major movie right now, as well as another major movie with Harrison Ford which I am not sure he is even finshed filming for, as well as writing an album. So yes Mr Joker COULD make a showing on the Batman set. I just love everyone who makes all these decisions that dont even have all the facts. David Ayer chose Jared for a reason and I cant see him fighting to keep Jared on this project and to take Jared just being removed from the show as “ok thats fine lets recast him” NO way. He fit everything David Ayer wanted in the Joker.

    Until there is something set in stone and I hear it from David Ayer of Jared Leto himself I will not believe it.

    And all you anonymous people out there. pft. are you afraid of some back lash/? chicken shit

    1. Katie Louise Bennett

      To be fair I just said I didn’t like him and why. Just didn’t do it for me. Just cause hebwas sought after doesn’t mean he was particularly good for the role kr should I say be liked by everyone. Similarly given how little he was in the theatre cut I’m pretty sure it was the other actors, who I really enjoyed, that made the most impact on where this film os in the rankings. X


  9. Christopher

    Well there any of you like it or not the movies will be crap because when you recast somebody you no longer have the original cast which means you should quit filming the movies and start over how you like them apples you really want to see multiple people playing the same characters through 17 movies for Batman’s three Jokers four people playing three robins get your heads out of your ass.

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