Trump Demands Harassment of Minorities Come to an End, “STOP IT.”


In the days since President-elect Donald Trump won the election, there has been a notable outbreak of violence on both sides of the political spectrum. We’ve seen racial minorities and Muslims being harassed by Trump supporters and even Clinton supporters attacking men, women, and even children presumed to have been Trump voters. America has been a rather toxic cocktail.

However as of this evening, Trump has come out and demanded an end of the harassment against minorities.

60 Minutes anchor Leslie Stahl informed Trump of the outbreak of violence, to which he responded, “I am very surprised to hear that– I hate to hear that, I mean I hate to hear that,” Trump said. “I would say don’t do it, that’s terrible. I’m going to bring this country together.” When further asked about harassment of Latinos and Muslims, Trump said, “I am so saddened to hear that. And I say, ‘Stop it.’ If it– if it helps. I will say this, and I will say right to the cameras: ‘Stop it.’”





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