WHY I LOVE PRESIDENT TRUMP (A Former Bernie Supporter)

Wisconsin? Michigan? Trump Won Bernie Primary States, with a Bernie-like Trade message! I (sincerely) LOOOOVED Bernie Sanders before he was a Pharrel-like Clinton Masturbation aid. Why the fuck did I vote Trump?

Well first off, you can’t have my Canadian passport folks. I’ll renew it for fun, but I’ll stay in the US thanks. Maybe Lena Dunham can leave HBO too… and get a low paying sitcom on CTV? Leave the film jobs for US residents?

As someone who grew up in liberal strongholds of various nations, I don’t expect this to get many likes. I could perhaps be rebuffed under the groupthink of “stronger together”. But yes, I was among the not so silent majority that elected Donald Trump our 45th President. I was among the majority of Americans that preferred his policies, persona, and record, to Hillary Clinton. Yes, “Crooked” did a hairline better than Mitt Romney, but, as I expected, she is a product no one wanted (Both in 2008, and now.)

As someone who really believed in Bernie Sanders, went to his rallies, and felt his populist message in my heart, I saw the conspiracy against FEEL THE BERN by the Clinton Campaign and the media at large. Hillary would refuse to say Bernie is “qualified”, he’d repeat that about her, and suddenly the headline reads to the effect he gave her an out-of-nowhere “sexist attack”. At the highest levels, we started to see a disconnect from basic reality in her campaigning. He’d be slightly softer on guns, so Clinton would pose sandy hook victims for tearful videos trashing Sanders. He’s personally responsible for their grief how? These are the type of ad hominem arguments her campaign would use consistently till Nov 8th. It worked on Sanders, but Trump was a much more elastic, dynamic opponent. The media was an obvious propaganda tool, slanted in her favor.

The various Wikileaks emails show us her campaign was receiving debate questions from CNN, receiving personal congrats & advice from Journalists. Podesta talks about keeping “an uninformed and complacent public”. Wikileaks also shows talks with a high level Google exec as an “outside advisor” (on how to trend & not trend at the right time perhaps??) The polls were obviously falsely skewed to H up until election day, changing them only minutes before MAGA (to retain a shred of obviously expended credibility). I should have bet 100k in Vegas, for even the bookies were playing Hillary’s mass hypnosis game on America. The game had a name: “Fake it till you make it”.

I don’t find Trump racist. As someone who is biracial, I’ll often feel beyond race, and sometimes even a separate new race. I can think whatever I want about it, but usually just focus on being a human. I’m not like Jesse Williams, who praises one parent and throws another parent under the bus (His Swedish mom, in his case). I believe in a sort of humanistic unity. This idea, or even the aspiration of a national unity has been eradicated by the worst distortions of identity politics. Progressive ideology on college campus, and even the Clinton Campaign, is one that addresses our concerns separately and keeps us divided. It keeps us hateful of the “other” that doesn’t understand us (even though they might). This has played out in presidential politics since Lyndon Johnson’s Campaign against Barry Goldwater. Each Year the KKK will endorse the republican, and the Communists will endorse the democrats. This basic pattern has been put forward since John F. Kennedy garnered most of the black vote (By pretending to care about MLK’s incarceration, and making a phone call, against Bobby’s wishes). A lot of these so called “bomb shells” about Trumps “underbelly” supporters are quite factually the autopilot pattern of our partisan process.

In this culture, the biggest punching bag is the successful white male. He is caricatured as “The Man”, “The Slave Owner” etc. Someone whose run is “finished”. A “laughing stock” in this progressive time, etc. I recall an MSNBC reporter saying in an interview that Hillary had to defeat “A muppet of masculinity” before her “historic victory”. I understand civil rights and gender rights have been hard fought, but this “payback” type of thinking is ugly. It’s creating more of a problem. Trump is a successful white male (like the majority of US presidents), but he’s not racist for being another one, for saying he wants to enforce existing immigration law, secure borders with a wall, and wanting to restrict immigration from certain regions for national security (Ala Presidential Proclamations 2525, 2526, and 2527 by Roosevelt, it’s happened before).

He’s not racist because he doesn’t pretend to like hot sauce and doesn’t pretend to like rap. He’s not racist because he doesn’t speak in a soft condescending “angel voice” when a black mom asks him a question. These are the robotic tactics of Hillary. Bill Clinton had a natural charm and comfort with people of color, and played a mean sax. When Hillary does outreach, she seems like a creepy Pac-Man, trying to eat your vote. Her depressed minority voting turnout agrees with me!

I look forward to the flat tax, the random liberal child care plan, the jobs rushing in, and being “tired of winning”. I look forward to an out of control left wing authoritarianism rectifying the fact they can’t control the world by screaming loud enough! I look forward to what I hope is a Brexit like disconnect from random global interests, toward national interests being put first (Like they are in Switzerland and many other successful, well run countries).

Yesterday we saw the George Orwell-esque fabricated media conspiracy of the Hillary Clinton Campaign crumble, and a perfectly reasonable candidate win. We’ll see how things progress, but if you still think he’s a monster. Watch one of his rallies from November 7th. Watch the full interview from which you were being shown the 8-second clip. See the Context. See the actual campaign, and not the smear. You’ll probably then understand why the vast majority of Americans (from the majority of states) prefer him. He comes from the world of entertainment, so he has baggage. But so does Kanye, and the reporters he assaulted will surely be vocal about it on CNN, or TRUMP TV, come his 2020 bid! #MAGA


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Gregg Golding is a writer and director who grew up equal parts in the San Francisco Bay Area and "The 6" (Toronto). He is of Jamaican and Irish Heritage and his favorite arachnids are Uropygids. He is the Director of the feature film 'Cosplay Fetish Battle Drones' (2015) and the upcoming '001 Trolling' and 'Illuminati Puppet.' He currently lives, and works in Los Angeles.

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