Themed or tribute anthologies are a mixed bag. More often than not there are a handful of solid stories among a dozen or so that are nothing more than uninspired pastiche—like when the 106th person says, “Hey, I do like that Cthulhu fella, but you know what Lovecraft was missing in his stories? Tentacle fucking. Let’s get more of that going on.”

I digress.

You won’t find any of that lazy nonsense within the pages of Eternal Frankenstein, an anthology of stories inspired and in celebration of Mary Shelley’s influential work of sci-fi horror. Why you ask? Because if you’re familiar with Word Horde you know that when unstoppable Editor Ross E. Lockhart releases a book it’s done not only with love, but a skilled set of editorial prowess that should shame most presses.

The beauty of this anthology is how varied the voices are. Each story pays homage to Shelley and her monster, but does so without coming across as another resurrection-through-science or mad doctor narrative.  From Frankenstein’s creations in the hands of the Marquis de Sade to the viciousness of teenagers when confronted with someone unlike themselves these stories ask new questions about what it means to play God.




My favorites:

“Thermidor” by Siobhan Carrol

“Sewn Into Her Fingers” by Autumn Christian

“Orchids by the Sea” by Rios de la Luz

“Frankenstein Triptych” by Edward Morris

“They Call Me Monster” by Tiffany Scandal

“Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice” by Damien Angelica Walters


I wouldn’t lie to you. If there’s one anthology you should send straight to the top of your list to pick up, its Eternal Frankenstein which continues to prove that Word Horde is well on its way to dominating the publishing scene.




Anthony Trevino is the author of the New Bizarro Author Series 2015-16 novella King Space Void published by Eraserhead Press, the horror comic Fruition, and also made an appearance in the True Detective tribute anthology Walk Hand in Hand into Extinction from CLASH books


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