Ah, life. As weird and magical as it sometimes can be, too often the days are mundane, filled with the buying of socks and the filling out of forms. I would estimate my ratio of weird days to mundane as being about one in twenty, which isn’t bad, but I can be weirder. Following the Law of Attraction, that whatever you focus on will bear influence on coming events, I try to meditate on talking bats and planets made of chocolate as much as possible, so that my ratio of bizarre to boring will tip further into the strange. These cartoon strips were contributions to “Not My Small Diary,” an anthology curated by Delaine Derry Green, which collects true autobiographical incidents in comics form. In creating them I attempted to capture some of my own existence’s more interesting events.


I FIRST MET ANDREW GOLDFARB AT BIZARROCON. He was the musical entertainment for the evening. He was playing guitar and singing while he played the drum with a hand pedal. Not only was I floored but I was hypnotized. My body started moving. I had no control. The way I move when Led Zeppelin’s Dazed and Confused comes on, that was the way it was. This was a power that was beyond all reason. I danced like a lunatic, in an out of body frenzy. Others tried to resist the call but they soon jumped up and started dancing, joyfully, funkily, groovily.



ANDREW GOLDFARB is a fascinating artist. He is a musician and a cartoonist. He is a jack of all trades. He is a snake charmer, a mystic mystery man, a riddle wrapped in a Voodoo spell, wrapped in a spooky rockabilly tune. Every day is Halloween in Andrew’s world, so I asked him to share some of his true stories from life on the road. Enjoy!



Andrew goes on tour around the country so catch him next time he is in your town. The magic of a live performance is something to be seen to be believed!




Andrew Goldfarb is a multi-mediumistic artist of the fanciful and macabre. He performs as The Slow Poisoner one man band, draws a comic strip called Ogner Stump, writes an advice column for PORK magazine, and paints laughing hyenas and zombified Elvises on black velvet. He’s also written five Bizarro book for Eraserhead Press, the latest being “Midnight Earwig Buffet.” 


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