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Hitler got Obama botox, with Tom Cruise on a Taliban couch that Osama Bin Laden hid the truth on 9-11. Jihad. As The Top 10 Ways Grumpy Cat told you how lose weight and grow two inches. Small penis? Best Sex tapes add and lose ten pounds. Birther of Iran bombing Syria while Miley Cyrus’ breaking ball of Berlin Wall, where the Pope told children that NAMBLA has pedophiles in your area. Until Occupy Wall Street crumbled until Deen racist recipes were ready to go green with reptilian and David Icke. Britney Spears stabbed OJ until Orange Is The New Black Season 4 came on Netflix and On Demand free savings every week until The Ides of March were not black history but Jezebel Huffington Posted on Facebook how to speak fluent Chinese who told communist chickens to have antibiotics that children in Africa gave to Pirates of the Caribbean as Orlando Bloom chanted Nam Myoho Renge Kyo until meditation told David Lynch where on Mullholand Drive he gave independent lesbians the right to marry and be covered under Obamacare until Ted Cruz sent them to Canada where the Trailer Park Boys told the mayor of Toronto to not take Marion Berry’s crack and change the name of The Redskins. As Small Pox on blankets that you can knit in ten minutes or less or on Craigslist for singles serving plates that Ikea dropped on the floor of Lourve that the DiVinci Code showed Jesus walking in Mexico and raptured Tequila that Mel Gibson sold to the Jews that the Palestinians lost and thought Zionists where the meaning of the Matrix but the sequels of the Godfather made Marlon Brando can’t believe it is not butter of Fabio’s top 3 romantic novels on Amazon that Sting saved and Bono dated Bill Clinton’s intern in the IRA that Fox News said MSNBC said Bill O’Reily dated a lesbian vibrator that wind power would use to help offshore drilling that Donald Trump pussy grabbed until Google Googled itself and read this poem and tagged itself labeling it post-post-post modern.Happy Columbus Day.

Christoph Paul is an award-winning humor writer and publisher of New English Press. His most recent books are Slasher Camp for Nerd Dorks and Great White House 2: Billary Bites Back. Find him on Twitter @Christophpaul_and His next book is a collection of persona poems titled Horror Film Poems.



About Christoph Paul

Nice Jewish boy who writes mean books. Publisher of New English Press. Rep'd by Veronika Boom and writes Bizarro Erotica as Mandy DeSandra.

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