No, You’re Not Crazy For Considering Voting For Trump

unnamedCue the left-leaning bloggers with their tired cries of, “No, but it does make you sexist and racist!!” or “Yeah but it makes you an idiot.” It’s a hackneyed argument, folks…

I completely understand why people think they need to vote for Hillary. But the reality is, she’s in the pockets of every major Wall Street associate and corporation – in addition to Saudi Arabia, she is incredibly well connected to many working within the media, she’s been relaxed on acts of terror to the point where many (myself included) do not trust her to handle those issue appropriately, and she’s ultimately one of the main people responsible as to why we are currently neck-deep in quicksand as a country when it comes to the economy, unemployment, and fighting ISIS. I’m hearing a lot of, “If I’m elected, I’ll do this…”, when in actuality the woman is a very well connected politician and could have done many of the things she claims to be fighting for at any point already.

Actions speak louder than words, and Clinton – as we’ve established – is a career politician. She knows how to pacify the average, mainly uninformed independent or Democratic voter by saying a lot of things that sound reasonable and are delivered in a professional cadence, without actually ever intending to follow through unless she directly has something to gain from it.

Recent polls show the majority of last night’s debate viewers believe Trump won the showdown with Clinton and that most, worldwide, are in favor of a Trump presidency.

Trump is just as big of a liar but the thing is, we all know when he’s lying. The media never runs to his aid or tries to cover his flaws, unlike Clinton. He’s a bully and an asshole. And that’s what this country needs right now. We need a candidate who’s going to knock some of the collective sensitivity out of us and is going to produce a more honest media by default. When more than half of the ‘unbiased’ news conglomerates and “fact checkers” skew left, you know there’s a deep seated problem that is being ignored for the sake of politically charged ‘team’ support. Generally speaking, people care less about the truth so much as they do their side winning the vote. When viewed from a long term perspective, that is dangerous.

We can talk about all the negative things Trump has said and how he’s acted like a toddler in the debates, but looking at his actual policies, the wall aside (and even with that, it’s just doubling down on pre-existing policies that Obama has enforced in a heavy manner since his re-election), there’s nothing extreme to them. He has singlehandedly changed the Republican party for the better, driving them away from the religious right mentality and making it inclusive to gays. He’s actually committed to fighting Islamic extremists who want to do harm to the American people and destroy western ideals. And his business experience (both good and bad) would help us build a stronger economy and hopefully get us on track to remove the national debt to China.

Trump winning this election, in itself, would cause a major shake up in this country and, in my opinion, that is necessary for us to rebound as one of the superpowers of the world. Having a candidate in office with an incredibly checkered history, who has overwhelming media support, and has done quite a bit of harm both abroad and at home isn’t something that I, personally, want to see – regardless of whether or not she comes across more composed or professional.

Jayme Karales is the author of DISORDERLY, the director of WIZARD, and the producer of TRUANT. His work has been published by Thought Catalog, The Rebel, Underground Books, and many others.

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Jayme Karales is a writer, filmmaker, actor, and comedian. He is the founder of Clash Media, the director of Practice Makes Perfect, and currently stars in the UnHollywood original series The Hutchcast. His writing has been published by Thought Catalog, The Rebel, Before Sunrise Press, Your Daily Subvert, Moon Project, and others. Follow @JaymeKarales on Twitter.

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