Enough of Food Trends: Let Pizza Die

It’s a pizza or something.

Food trends occur every couple of years and frankly, they’re pretty damn obnoxious. Why? Because you have thousands of people acting like they adore food products slightly more than they actually do and I just can’t take it!

First it was bacon. Everybody loved it – and don’t get me wrong, people always have and always will love it – but for some reason around 2011/2012 bacon was really damn popular. People acted like bacon was the second coming of tap water. It was inexplicable and bizarre, but people went with it.

Then it was pumpkin spice, which isn’t even really a food but cinnamon and white girl sweat. (Tee hee, token ‘pumpkin spice white girl joke.’ I know…) In 2013 and 2014, pumpkin spice might as well have been made of flakes of gold.

In 2015, it was a fairly basic one – pizza. And we haven’t left that since.

Let’s get one thing straight: pizza is amazing. Everybody loves pizza because there’s no way to really screw up the formula. It’s one of the most adaptable meals out there and can bring nations of people together. But can we stop wearing ironic pizza shirts and talking about wanting pizza every night? Think of fashion! Think of health! You’re getting fatter and showcasing your drug of choice.

Why can’t a moderately healthy food come into style? Why not oatmeal? Why not a second run of kale?

I think we all need to take a stand and say, “no thank you, Papa John, I’m having celery tonight.” Then, maybe when our rate of obesity isn’t through the roof, we can give pizza the comeback it deserves.


Jenn Camp is a writer and graphic designer from Queens, New York.


About Jenn Camp

Jenn Camp is a writer and graphic designer from Queens, New York.

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