Rex Ryan’s Foot Fetish Poem

They’re fucking beautiful.
Size Five just like I like.
Better feet than Vinateri
has in the fourth quarter.
The way you paint those
sexy fuckers gold like the
color of the Super Bowl rings
Tyrod’s gonna get me.
I fucking want them
even more than those damn rings.
They taste better than Buddy’s burgers.
When Your feet are on my thighs
it’s better than beating Brady.
I will Belichick you with my eyes
to get you to take your fucking shoes off
and get that ass closer.
That’s right. I will touch each toe,
like a trainer; stretching them out
and then I’m gonna run a fucking 4 40
on them with my tongue.
My tongue is Revis
and your toes are the receiver.
You can move but my tongue
is staying on those fuckers.
I am the best.
No one can touch those feet any better.
I got confidence; I will lead with my tongue
and not be limp or soft like Sanchez.
I will blitz those toes
and close each gap
with my fucking tongue.
I will get ten sacks;
there will be no Gholston;
I will always provide the pressure.

Mandy De Sandra is Bizarro Erotica Author and aspires to write Romance and Hardcore Horror. She works for the Dept of Labor and is Gnostic Goddess looking to become a Singularity Sex Bot.


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