The Joker is a Cuckold… What the Fuck?

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad (2016)

Suicide Squad was released this weekend and earned $135 million. That’s great for a bad movie. While the film was generally clumsy and uneven, it provided entertainment — but really offered some genuinely head scratching moments… like when The Joker (Jared Leto) tried to get Common to have sex with his girlfriend. Did I just spoil that? Too bad.

Yeah. That’s a thing that happened in this movie. In a film that was clearly heavily edited by the studio to make it PG-13 and kid friendly (yes, they think about the kiddies even when it comes to a movie called SUICIDE Squad about a team of killers), where all the blood was removed and the bad guys were mud monsters, Warner Bros. and David Ayer decided to leave in a scene where Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) is stripping and The Joker tries to get a fellow gangster to sleep with her just because, I don’t fucking know, he’s wild or some shit.

And here’s the kicker, the character that rapper-cum-actor Common plays, turns him down due to an ethical stance. So what does The Joker do? He shoots him in the head, in the lamest kill scene of the movie.

I’m really just confused as to what the filmmakers and studios intentions were here. We only got a handful of Joker scenes and in one of the less pivotal that they decided to keep in, we branch the iconic villain out and turn him into a cuck. A literal cuck. Not even a cuck in the newly hip, alt-right way. Just a plain old man trying to watch his lady get boned.

What sad times we live in.



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  1. Shae

    Really? You’re confused? Was it not obvious. They talk about respect. Joker sees common is dissing him by fancying his girl. Joker knows common fancies her. she knows common fancies her. And common knows joker knows he fancies her. He doesn’t trust the situation. As he shouldn’t cuz he knows Mr j just wants to shoot the fucker in the head for fancying her. And rightfully so. Cuz that’s what gets him shot. The simple fact that he’d make a play if it wasn’t for the fact that joker would fucker his shit up. Don’t be so basic. I’m not even sociopathic and I’ve got no qualms about letting my girl toy with some guy who isn’t going to show our relationship respect. I had a guy avoid me for months after an incident.

    1. Johnny Royal

      Shae, I am willing to engage in a match of fencing with you. Your rules, in fact. And this is not a threat, simply a challenge. But I suppose there are no guarantees the winner will survive….

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