‘Suicide Squad’ – “The Helicopters Were Cool”

When Suicide Squad was announced there was a lot of fan fare and excitement surrounding the project. The anticipation was enormous and the production was riddled with how Jared Leto, in an attempt to capture the essence of The Joker, had put himself through unspeakable torments like sleeping with dead animals every night and reading the comments on a Yahoo article about politics. It seemed like every one on the planet was dying to see this movie. Well I finally got to see it and this film is… interesting.

I got to the theater late and I have to admit, this was my fault. I was drying grapes and I got carried away. Raisins are my favorite seasonal food. More on that later. When I arrived at the theater I purchased my ticket and immediately got a paper cut. I don’t know when we decided as a society to let movie tickets get as sharp as they are but I was very understandably distraught. This all would have been well and good if not for the reaction of the staff who charged 7.50 for my first Band-Aid and 3.25 for my second. Despite this ordeal, I made it in to the movie just as it was starting.

The first issue was the length of the film. The run time was 2 minutes and 32 seconds. I thought this was incredibly short. I’ve got to say I was hoping for a longer flick. You may think that complaining about the length of a movie is nitpicky but it actually lead to a host of other problems. For example it’s very difficult to appreciate the acting in a movie this short and while the premise was quickly established, I would have liked more character development. I understand that the industry is limited by budget constraints but they did not even tell me the character’s names or establish a back story. They also left the ending very open which leads me to believe there will be a sequel.

The cinematography was pretty great and the directing was pretty superb as well. I hate to keep coming back to the length of the film but I’m really hoping we can get an extended cut of the movie at some point down the line. What’s even stranger was the lack of credits at the end of the movie. I usually don’t watch the credits but one of the swat officers in the first half of the movie looked familiar and I knew it would bug me all day if I didn’t find out who it was. Instead of credits, they decided to show the new ghostbusters movie in its entirety. I’m not a filmmaker but again, this seemed like a strange artistic choice.

At the end of the day, I imagine the film will do very well. Though it was lacking in some areas there were a few helicopters in the movie that were really cool and for me, in completely redeemed itself.


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