First 7 Minutes of ‘Wizard’ Released Online

The first 7 minutes of the upcoming UnHollywood Films/CLASH Media Production WIZARD (2017,  directed by Jayme Karales) has been released online through the UnHollywood Films Vimeo channel. You can watch the opening below.

Max Hutchinson (Jayme Karales) is an unsatisfied history teacher on the wrong side of twenty who has found himself at a crossroad. Stuck in his mundane career, Max’s aspirations grow larger and more adventurous when his long-time friend Paul (Michael Malkiewicz) lands a major sitcom deal centered around their experiences in teaching.


Max Hutchinson … Jayme Karales
Bishop Lang … Kenney Dorcely (VOICE)
Terence McKenna … Terence McKenna (VOICE)
Paul Brokovich … Michael Malkiewicz
Student … Zoey Massie 
Billy Beantown … Jack Viera (VOICE)
Diane Hutchinson … Amy Fox
Hank Reddigan … Alexander Lynch
Arnold (“Chuck”) … Julian Kasova
Special K. (“Larry”) … Mike Mike
Trevor … Thomas Speed

Music …. Chan Walrus
Editing … Jayme Karales
Executive Producer … Joel Amat Güell
Screenwriter & Director … Jayme Karales

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