We Do Not Live in Nazi Germany

Have you compared America to Nazi Germany lately?

They (or specifically I) say the first sign of pseudo-intellectualism is comparisons to Nazi Germany in arguments. Not saying that’s what you’re doing, but it is what it is. The cold hearted sector of Republicans, Tea Partiers, weirdo Libertarians, sensationalist leftists have all compared America to Nazi Germany lately. So you have to question your rhetoric if it’s being used by idiots who spit destructive narratives we despise. Or as I like to call them, the willfully ignorant willing ignorance into reality.

There’s a lot of differences between America now and Germany leading to WWII. Biggest difference is our economic disparities are placed on minorities and those who live in minority communities as opposed to Germany, when soldiers came home from WWI to literal universal poverty and disparities. They were fed a narrative that minorities who didn’t participate in the war were still thriving or living as well as returning nationalist soldiers. What we’re experiencing is a 24 hour news cycle in an oligarchy that oppresses the poor through archaic shitty policies in our judicial system and attempts to privatize all economic policies leveling the playing field.

Recently we’ve been dealing with a coverage of something that’s been happening as long as we’ve been a country; unfair treatment and systemic oppression of people of color. We have about 800,000 law enforcement agents with arresting powers in America. In 2015, of those 800,000, a small percentage chose to kill about 100 plus unarmed black citizens because of their hatred, prejudice, personal views on race, and just plain lack of poise in tough situations. It is horrible, it’s fucked up, but it’s not a Nazi Germany situation. It’s classism labeled as racism. Nazi Germany was nationalism that turned into racism and xenophobia. Racism is fed to us. It’s what they’ve been telling poor people forever. They divide by race so the conversation never goes back to the essentials.

Equal financial mobility for all. Equal protection under the law for all. Equal representation in a representative government for all.

In America, you literally can’t represent in our government without validating your brand as a leader by monetizing your brand and message. That is the fucked part. The only thing that trickles down in trickle down economics is the destructive weight of a top heavy society.

But my point is, America looks to money as its god, so those with money color the sociopolitical attitudes of anyone with nationalist and xenophobic tendencies. Law enforcement agents are a part of that group with nationalist tendencies. Old white people are xenophobic because change and racial demographic growth “threatens” their comfort levels. They naturally will adopt the narrative of the “black problem” or “crime problem” towards non-violent citizens of color and limited economic mobility. But again, the problem is lack of financial mobility in a society that accepts comfort and materialism as self-worth.

It’s super complex and can’t be summed up in a blanket statement, but I understand the urge to sum it up in a blanket statement. When people are killed by the people that are paid to protect and serve them, that death is concrete and final and ugly. Naturally we want a way to sum it up in a way that is concrete and final and ugly. Nazi Germany is very concrete and final because it’s history and it can be measured and calculated. What we are living in is very complex and unwritten, but being fed to us as concrete narrative.

The good news is Trump is the last dying breath of sensationalism in the right. They no longer know if they worship money or god, so Trump is the totem of the year. Pretty soon we’ll all be godless, of color, queer, and significantly more happy. Just wait it out. Please stop saying America is Nazi Germany. We’re more complex, more educated, and infinitely more empathetic than the media is building as narrative.

Also, I don’t trust strangers with guns, that includes cops. So I’m not a cop sympathizer. I’m a humanist and feel disconnected with the construct of your job being your identity. That’s capitalism. That’s what divides us. ‘Us vs. Them’ is not going to solve any issues. I want resolution for the minority community and the enemy of their prosperity is false narratives. Cops kill black people because of policies that come from up top. Black people are seen as a “problem” because of false narratives driven by media and policy makers. It doesn’t help anyone by spitting conspiracy theories. There is a real story here that is just as scandalous as anything we could come up with about America’s transformation into Nazi Germany, etc.

If everybody refuses to shut up or sit down about these issues, they can be solved and be only isolated events perpetrated by individuals, not weekly outrages in response to systemic executions in the streets. The African-American problems are American citizen problems and they deserve an honest narrative and honest representation. This is an American problem; not a Nazi Germany problem.

Charles Ray Hastings Jr. is a musician, producer, and writer based in Huntsville, Alabama. The twenty-nine year old Alabama native has written, recorded, and produced over twenty-five solo and band albums and has had essays and short stories published through webzines, small press, and magazines like Before Sunrise Press, Two Dollar Radio, Flaneur, and That Lit Site.