Paul Joseph Watson Is A Boring Milo Yiannopoulos

What is it with conservative celebrities now having British accents? Are there no more talented conservative mouthpieces under 50 in America itself, that the right has to outsource them from across the pond?

This guy is basically a straight Milo without charisma or trolling skills. At least Nero (who I vehemently disagree with on almost all social issues) is at least an interesting orator. This guy is a conservative John Oliver if John Oliver was boring and unfunny.

And I am not a liberal, I’m not a conservative either. I’m an independent. I am a Chris Rockian if I have to be labeled. Some shit I’m liberal about, some shit I’m conservative about. (I just realized I gave a compliment to Milo so I am fucking myself with the Left too.)

I believe politics is a bunch of nonsense. The only real political discussions I will even listen to must have nuance. Nuance doesn’t really get hits though, unlike simple cherry picking facts like Watson and others on the right, or an emotional plea without facts from a lot on the Left–so I rarely have a heated political discussion. I see someone representing a tribe and I am already bored.

That is where we are at with political discussions. It’s just tribal talking heads that are both uncomfortable with the uncomfortable truth that almost 95% of political debates are meaningless wastes of times. The answer (if there even is one) is usually some strange grey area that both sides would rather set themselves on fire than acknowledge.

Politics is now another form of entertainment–from Facebook arguments, YouTube videos, radio, podcasts, and news. It is another thing to do to pass the time before we die.

I accept this and enjoy politics as a form of entertainment. I enjoy it the way I used to love wrestling as a kid. Whether the right or the left, give me a good villain to root for or against.

But Ben Handlen’s argument that Watson is great because he only relies on ‘facts, not feelings’ is just another form of political entertainment. Watson is the math teacher saying 2 plus 2 is 4, not accounting that the equation is 2.32 plus 2.17 = 4. He is just rounding down the way he wants to see it. This is bullshit and it’s not even good entertainment. I would rather watch Gavin McInnes troll the left or Milo go start shit at college campus–that is at least entertaining, versus watching your right-wing substitute history teacher who decides to make YouTube about America.

PS: The King’s Speech fucking sucked. America needs to stop thinking a British accent makes something smart or good.


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