Copywriting Service: Bullshit on the Spot

Is your company being tarnished by a “truth teller” who is getting mainstream press? 

Does your father-in-law, good friend, or employee say outrageous things on Social Media and it is affecting your business?

 Do you have only 24 hours to write a rebuttal on your own website?

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Have no fear Bullshit On The Spot is here. B.O.T.S. is on top of spin.

We know you would rather be doing anything than write an OP-ED piece. Especially when you can’t defend the indefensible actions of your wealthy father-in-law, ex-girlfriend, or racist mother, but relax–let us do this arduous work for you.

We have mastered the art of the non-rebuttal. The beauty of the non-rebuttal is that you can address reputation damaging accusations  without saying anything that actually addresses those claims. This is very difficult to complete in a 24-hour period, but as you can see in this piece we wrote for Jared Kushner at his own Observer–we succeeded.

Our ghost-writing services have also been used for top-notch public figures: Justin Bieber, Paula Deen, Jared Kushner, Johnny Manziel, Paul Ryan, Anthony  Weiner, and many more!

With a nominal fee and stock options, B.O.T.S. can come to the rescue. Email us at (we only use one L, because we save the other L’s for your lies.)


Clash Media does not support or endorse Bullshit on The Spot. This is a paid ad.


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