Kevin Durant Announces He Will Only Play NBA 2K17 With Cheat Codes

In shocking news, Clash Media has learned that Kevin Durant has decided to only use cheat codes when he plays NBA 2K17. Durant, who always played 2K16 with best friend and non-cheat code use Russell Westbrook, will now play with other cheat code users. This includes players who don’t miss free throws, always make threes, and only once in a million years can be stopped by Kevin Love’s defense.

Durant declined to comment on why he chose cheat codes. Speculation says he could feel his fingers were not as flexible as they once were and the cheat codes could give him more time to focus on defense and passing.

Westbrook has not commented either but sources say he sits alone in Oklahoma playing 2K16 hoping he can will his way to semi-finals loss in 17′.


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