Top 5 Friday Reads

(Horror Fiction) The Last Weekend by Nick Mamatas

I didn’t realize how much I wanted Henry Miller to write a zombie novel until I read The Last Weekend. The novel has the vibe and tone of Tropic of Cancer but a plot & zombies! It is as great as it sounds. Mamatas wrote a really smart, entertaining, and original zombie book. I pre-ordered his new novel I Am Providence because of how much I enjoyed The Last Weekend.

(Young Adult) More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera

Probably one of the best YA books I’ve read in a while and I read a lot of them. The last really great one I read was Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda, but this just had more of a hook and dealt with LGBT issues in a cool soft-science fiction way.  I will definitely read Silvera’s next novel.

(Non-Fiction) Death Confetti: Pickers, Punks, and Transit Ghosts in Portland, Oregon by Jennifer Robin

I read half of these pages on Facebook, so I’m biased but there no better writer of the surreal-non-fiction-flash than Jennifer Robin. I thought Portland was heaven but Jesus Christ, I rather ride a bus in the heart of ISIS than in Portland in after reading these entertaining vignettes. It’s not Portland, but the voice of Robin’s that is the star. There is always a keen insight on every other page, and it makes me excited to see what she does next.

(Memoir) Kanye West Owes Me $300: And Other True Stories from a White Rapper Who Almost Made It Big by Jensen Karp

I’m 1/3 through this and it’s hilarious and appeals to the 90’s hip hop lover in me. I haven’t enjoyed a memoir like this since The Disaster Artist which could be my favorite of this century. Even if the other 2/3’s of the book end up sucking I wouldn’t even be mad. I need to YouTube his battle raps, because the lines are fucking funny.

(Bizarro Fiction) Every Time We Meet At The Diary Queen, You’re Whole Fucking Face Explodes by Carlton Mellick the 3rd

This is Mellick’s 49th book I think? I’ve read over 25 Mellick books and this novella has one of my favorite and most satisfying endings. I read it in two sittings and Mellick’s focus of characterization and plot always leaves me contemplating existential themes that most Literary novels try to tackle but fail.  When it comes to the novella, I don’t think there is current day writer using the art form in such fun and entertaining ways. Mellick’s first book Satan Burger just got reissued and you should check the book that started it all.


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