Big Brother Contestant Reminisces Over Animal Abuse

Surprise, another Big Brother contestant is potentially a sociopath.

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Big Brother 18 houseguests Corey Brooks and James Huling

Let’s face it, Big Brother isn’t exactly known for having classy contestants. Its fifteenth season, aired in 2013, was dubbed as having the ‘the worst cast ever’ as a result of several houseguests spouting off racist remarks to one another and just generally being downright scummy human beings. Things to took a much needed turn for the better the following year when CBS and Robyn Kass tackled a new casting strategy and found genuinely likable people who weren’t in it to simply bicker and cause drama. Season 16 invigorated the franchise and was a ratings smash… even if the game itself was pretty boring to watch.

This year, one more scumbag has snuck through the cracks. Corey Brooks, 25, has been groomed as the latest Jeff Schroeder/Brendon Villegas/good-looking-guy-who-might-get-in-a-showmance. Based on the edit he and former player Nicole Franzel have gotten over the past two episodes, it seems likely that the duo will be shaped as a ‘cute and likable couple’ — possibly of the romantic sort — as the season goes on and they progressively get closer.

Except there’s one little thing about Corey that might not quite make him fit that role so well… like, for instance, the fact that he and his friends doused a goat in lighter fluid and attempted to burn it alive. In the clip below, Brooks–laughing–shares a story that he and his friends purchased a goat and that they attempted to burn the animal alive — and (luckily) failed.

Contestants Paulie Califorie and James Huling seem to politely go along with Brooks’ story, laughing it off, before “season villain” Paul Abrahamian, in a rather noble move, asked, “Why would you hurt a goat?” and directed the conversation to the very lukewarm George Clooney film The Men That Stare At Goats.

Big Brother airs Sundays and Wednesday at 8:00PM EST. and Thursdays at 9:00PM EST.


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