New Brian Keene and Paul Tremblay Novels

Brian Keene’s Pressure and Paul Tremblay’s The Disappearance at Devil’s Rock are both released today. Both horror novels have been published through the Big 5 and both books sound really fucking good. Keene is one of the best storytellers of this century and Tremblay’s last novel A Head Full of Ghosts was many reader’s favorite novels of 2015.

We are a small press and love and champion indie lit, but we love cool books and are huge horror fans. We believe it is great when mainstream publishing puts cash money into horror novels and want to see them publish more books in the genre. Cool books coming out  through micro, small, midsize, or big 5 are always a good thing. Though we are not fans of the trite sounding term Good Literary Citizens, both these men accurately fit the label. They support small presses, new writers, and are not douchebags.

Support horror fiction and get these two books today.