Brian Keene and The Buddy System Strikes Again!

The Buddy System strikes again. At first they were only penetrating the small press porno horror scene lead by Jeff Burk and Deadite Press. They sit proudly with hubris on top of the Buddy System pyramid, but now Buddy System henchman Brian Keene and newly Buddy System blessed Paul Tremblay have found their way into the big presses.

The Buddy System is the Illuminati of horror fiction. They decide who should be read and what should be praised? Why? Well, that will be exposed in my upcoming book “The Buddy System”.

There is a darkness in horror and not the good kind. But don’t worry Horror fans, I will bring down the Buddy System.


Bradley Snow is a self-published and failed horror author because of the Buddy System and his is upcoming book is titled The Buddy System. He requests that you don’t tweet him about the Buddy System because the Buddy System will try to steal his book The Buddy System.





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