After Orlando, The Left Has Begun to Implode

I just can’t get over how insane Leftists are in this country. They’re the gift that keeps on giving.

Muslim terrorist Omar Mateen opened fire in a gay night club, in a gun-free zone, killing 49 innocent people because his belief system commanded him to do it. The immediate response by the Left was a fierce blanket of shame on anyone who dares to point out the shooter’s religion in any of this.

Islamic terrorist Omar Mateen pledged allegiance to ISIS and praised the Tsarnaev brothers in his 911 call during the shooting.

Leftists then urged Americans that we need more gun-free zones, more bans on “assault weapons” (even though handguns are responsible for 99% of firearm violence in this country), more “common sense” gun laws (where “common sense” means “erasing the 2nd amendment”) and all sorts of other typical, done-to-death solutions.

And finally, we were told that it’s not the shooter’s fault. The real culprits are the NRA, conservatives, Christians, right-wingers, and (of course) Donald Trump. In many ways, we’ve been told that the real victims are Muslims.

I would say that I fail to understand how people as stupid as this are even taken seriously in this country, but the answer is pretty obvious.


Boné Crüsher is a 26 year old conservative on the streets and libertarian in the sheets, currently going to university and studying electrical engineering.


About Boné Crüsher

A 26 year old conservative on the streets and Libertarian in the sheets, currently going to university and studying electrical engineering.

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  1. Bone Healer

    I came to this post through the Clash’s tumblr page, one that I’ve been following for quite awhile. They claim to post bias-free publications, but this article most certainly is not remotely bias-free, and in fact, incites a divisive and detrimental tone towards the political opposition, namely liberals and leftists. My comments below are not meant to target.your ideology. They are meant to educate and point out weaknesses in your argument that could bolster your claims in an educated and civilized manner. Politics aside, let’s take a closer look at why this publication accomplishes little in finding a solution to America’s mass shooting problems, but yet frames a clear target for the shooting–and then generalizes an entire people off of ambiguous writing.

    For one, you never cited the statistic on handguns causing 99% of all firearm. Let’s say you’re right on this. But then would it not follow that guns are still causing an averse and noticeable public effect by the sheer fact of its mentioning?

    Barack Obama has publicly announced that “common-sense” gun laws are not aimed to removing guns from those individuals who are currently in possession, but rather the laws aim to reduce access to the guns. Even responsible gun owners who feel they need handguns for defense should agree that anyone, despite race/ethnicity/ideology, who presents a shady if not alerting history of mental outbreaks or other indications of uneasiness and likelihood to combust, should not be in possession of a gun. As history shows us, crime comes in a multitude of ethnicities. But so do genuinely good people.
    I personally wouldn’t want a known criminal with an incarceration history or the like to have access to a gun, especially not a semi-automatic or automatic rifle whose sole purpose as a military-grade assault rifle is to clear the room of people.
    Common-sense is not about erasing the second amendmwnt. It’s about applying our available intelligence resources to reduce access and limit it to those individuals who can do harm to this country and the great people living safely in it.
    And who is pointing the finger at Christians, or even Donald Trump in this matter? Neither of those parties are remotely associated with this incident yet your writing draws associations and frames them as a victim, thus, urging those group’s supporters to take offense for no genuine reason. In other words, that statement incites hate. You are purposefully angering particular groups of people who have no stake in this issue.
    In a moment where unity, and a bipartisan agreement will move us forward, this article’s writing aims to demarcate the two parties further. I hope your post is mere rant never meant for publication, because if otherwise, this article, your demeanor, and your writing style exemplify the media polarizing a nation to its ruin.

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