Danny Brown: The Return of the Adderall Admiral


It’s been a long three years since Danny Brown has graced the masses with his third studio LP Old. Not one to rest on his laurels, Brown dropped some fantastic guest verses and has been on the touring circuit since his last album. The Detroit rapper recently announced his signing with Warp Records (Flying Lotus, Aphex Twins, Death Grips) and dropped a new single “When It Rain.”

The new single produced by frequent collaborator Paul White is aggressive, dripping with grime influences, a hint of Joy Division sprinkled in for good measure, and some Detroit magic.

Brown kicks off the song with some raunchy lyrics, shoutouts to his crew Bruiser Brigade, and reminds you that he hasn’t forgotten about his roots in Detroit. He makes references to Trick Trick and Street Fighter all the while touching on the violence and poverty rampant in his hometown. Plus, it wouldn’t be a party if it wasn’t for Brown “hanging with the devil off angel dust.”

Mimi Caves handles the psychedelic visuals, delivering a gritty taut, hype music video that matches Brown’s dark sound. The video manages to be glitchy, nightmarish at times, and reminiscent of an old VHS tape.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. There’s a bit of a ghettotech influence weaved into the song as well and the dancing in the video known as jit makes you want to get off your ass. If you don’t know what jit is just think about something along the lines of footwork or juke in Chicago.

“When It Rain” is one of those rare videos that’s hard to forget and makes you realize Danny Brown can’t be put into a box. He’s way too forward thinking, charismatic, and unconventional for labels. I can’t wait to see what else the Adderall Admiral brings to the table in 2016.



Grant Wamack is a hip hop artist, Bizarro Fiction author, and co-publisher of New English Press.


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