The Top 10 Best Friends in TV History

It’s national best friend day. Here is a list to capitalize on this and bring more traffic to this site.


10.) Saved By the Bell: Zach & Screech

I was going to put Perfect Strangers at 10 but all I could remember was Balke and the other white guy with curly hair. Screech and Zach are more memorable than Perfect Strangers and Screech has curly hair. Besides, did Balke ever learn to see the future or make special pasta sauce? Actually, he might have. That show was pretty forgettable.


9.) My So Called Life: Angela and Rayanne

High school sucks but not as bad as being in love with Jared Leto. At least they had each other.


8.) Hap & Leonard: Hap & Leonard

The best thing that’s probably ever been on Sundance that isn’t about the Holocaust or forbidden lesbian love. Read the books first, though.


7.) Faking It: Karma & Amy

I’m a grown ass man, but I love this show. I am addicted to it. Their friendship is the real deal and creates an Austin Social Justice Soap Opera. They pretend to be lesbians to be popular,  but Amy realizes she is lesbian and she in love Karma, but Amy is in love with this really good-looking guy who has a very good-looking gay BFF but Amy sleeps with the hot guy cause she is actually bi and it challenges their friendship.


6.) Seinfeld: George and Jerry

One my goals as an adult was to just go to dinner and talk about fucking nonsense for two hours with another Jewish guy. Man, I am glad I got sent to AA. Dream unlocked.


5.) Gilmore Girls: Rory and Lane

I’m sad that I’ll probably never have a friend as good as Lane was to Rory. I’m more like Jess. Way too much of a loner. #TeamJess

kirk and spock

4.) Star Trek: Captain Kirk and Spock

This is self-explanatory. If you agree this belongs in the top 5 or higher check this book out.


3.) The Wire: Stringer Bell and Avon

Avon killing his best friend Stringer Bell was as equally gangsta as it was heartbreaking. I try not use the word Shakespearean to often, but this tragic death was.


2.) Buffy: Zander and Willow

If you watch that final episode of the season where Willow has gone all crazy killer witch and Zander talks her down and you don’t cry—you are a fucking psychopath. One of the best and touching friendships on TV.


1.) Breaking Bad: Jesse and Walt

Walt let Jesse live in the end. The man who lost his soul was able to do one final act of kindness for maybe the only friend he ever had.


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