And Then There Were Three: Brief Thoughts on the 2016 Political Field


Bernie Sanders is really starting to bask in all of the attention he’s gotten. With no shot at gaining the nomination, he’s milking it at this point by doing things like agreeing to debate Donald Trump. Even though he’s getting cheated out of the race, he should be gracious and either pipe down or concede. His actions are peeling back the curtain and starting to reveal the real Bernie, an idealist opportunist and a true politician.


Hillary Clinton should’t even be allowed to run with how severe these criminal charges are. But that’s not even why you shouldn’t vote for her, the pure delusion and entitlement this woman has — to not even acknowledge said-charges — should be enough to ward off any sound minded voter. She couldn’t be bothered to discuss these legal issues that are directly affecting her and, if nominated, the American people, during the debates even though half of the room and viewing audience were thinking about them. The fix has been in from the jump. Like the Republican party, which is completely shunning what the American people want by forgoing support of Donald Trump, the Democrats are pining for a “Hillary as the first woman president” narrative — even though very few people seem to care.


You’re going to be saying President Trump come this time next year. The momentum is only growing, and it’s far too late to stop that train. His strategy has allowed him to absorb a greater following with each bit of negative press — and even in spite of cries that he’s a fascist and “the next Hitler” (which is ridiculous, mind you), the media will not, and never stop, shining a light on him. Why? Because they don’t really care. They’re riling you up for income and even if the journalists and staffers at your favorite news outlet do genuinely dislike him, nothing matters more than the size of their wallets. I want you to visualize the election in November. And if you can truly see a scenario where we’re hanging back in early 2017 going, “phew, dodged that bullet haha – what a crazy year 2016 was, with Trump almost getting in office!” then I’ll be thoroughly impressed.



Jayme Karales is the author of DISORDERLY, the director of WIZARD, and the producer of TRUANT. His work has been published by Thought Catalog, The Rebel, Underground Books, and many others.

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Jayme Karales is a writer, filmmaker, actor, and comedian. He is the founder of Clash Media, the director of Practice Makes Perfect, and currently stars in the UnHollywood original series The Hutchcast. His writing has been published by Thought Catalog, The Rebel, Before Sunrise Press, Your Daily Subvert, Moon Project, and others. Follow @JaymeKarales on Twitter.

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