After We Destroy ‘Ghostbusters’, Let’s Go Burn Down Julia Roberts’ House!

Hey dudes, I’m fucking loving how we are showing those SJWs with down-rating that shitty ass trailer on YouTube. I’m going to go a step further, though, cause my homey Trev is going to take a video of me taking a dump on that trailer. Don’t worry dudes, I’m not an idiot; it’s my dads laptop I’m gonna take a shit on. Though those special effects are already shit! Ha!

The movie is so going to bomb!

We are fighting the good fight guys, but we need to go further.

We shouldn’t stop at Ghostbusters. We aren’t misogynists or racists, we are film lovers. We want purity.

I really do love film. Before I dropped out, I took a film elective class and like, I like foreign films man. I am an art lover. A Secret In Their Eyes was a masterpiece.

But fucking Julia Roberts and the feminist agenda got to remake it and it was worst than the Ghostbusters remake.

Fucking bullshit!

We need to punish the remakers and we can start by burning down that fish-lipped bitches house.

People need to know their place, especially Spike Lee and what he did to Oldboy. More like No boy! We need to kidnap him for 15 years so he knows the real truth of Oldboy.

We have art and childhoods to protect. We need to dress up like ghosts, you know like a white sheet or something, and really bring the fear to these fuckers. We’ll have it that these Hollywood homo clit lickers won’t touch another awesome film again.

Meet me on reddit and 4chan, @TheGhostsofGoodArt and we can reclaim what is ours!


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