‘Legion of Skanks’ Podcast Abandoning The Anthony Cumia Network

The Anthony Cumia Network, now known as Compound Media, is going to be taking a major hit this June when one of their most popular shows, The Legion of Skanks, will be relocating to the smaller, in-house network GaSDigital, run by Luis J. Gomez and Ralph Sutton.

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For weeks now the hosts of the show have been hinting at direct conflicts with Cumia and his staff regarding their pay grade. Now it seems that the Legion of Skanks have confirmed such rumors by announcing that they’ll be moving networks.

Compound Media hosts a series of talk shows including The Anthony Cumia Show, The Gavin McInnes Show, and New York City Crime Report.


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  1. John Queue

    “Keith wanted to re-sign us. So did Anthony. The deal didn’t make sense for us though. We wanted to scale back to once per week because we have gotten really busy with other projects. In order to do that and stay on Cumia Network we would be putting the whole show behind a pay wall. We have a sizable amount of people that download the show on iTunes/libsyn/google play and not subscribed to TACN. We would essentially be telling those people that they have to pay for the show or they can’t listen anymore. Those people are the one’s who are coming out to shows, buying merch, telling their friends about it etc.. not everyone can afford to drop money on a subscription service every month. If we were going to do that we would have to be paid accordingly. Their business model didn’t allow them to pay us what we thought was worth it. We were too far off from our bottom line and their top. Wasn’t a shitty pissing contest or anything. Just business. I’m truly sad to leave because I really do like working with Anthony. We are going to continue going on each other’s shows and supporting each other in whatever way we can.” — Luis J. Gomez, regarding leaving Compound Media

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