Mixed-Race Old Navy Ad Brings Out the Racists

It was such a simple, good natured, blatant attempt at seeming ‘diverse’. And yet the racists of Twitter flocked to it, like flies to shit.

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It’s baffling and sadly unsurprising to me that people actively choose to voice their concerns over race-mixing, as if it’s on the same plain as beastiality. Yeah, creating adorable children is horrible. (I’m rolling my eyes so hard, even typing that sarcastically…)

What seems to be a mix of blatant racism and trolling has made for a deplorable and unnecessary reaction to the advertisement. The handler of Old Navy’s Twitter the company’s spokespeople have to speak of the ad’s controversy.


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Jenn Camp is a writer and graphic designer from Queens, New York.

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  1. I do not understand how this ad can be racist. There are many couples of different races in the Valley of the Sun. Also many sports figures are married to partners of a different race. Actually there is only one race THE HUMAN RACE. Old Navy should not change its ad. Those who call it racists do not know what racist means. They are the one that are racists. cheerios had the same problem with their ad. I have not seen anyone shy away from or look down on the mixed race couples I encounter when I am shopping. If any one is being a racists it is the accusers. They are making it a sin to have a mixed race marriage. However, why wasn’t Tiger Woods relationship with his wife considered racism. There is no anti white or anti brown (black) in this add. Being there are so many mixed race families, why shouldn’t an ad recognize them as a family unit? What do these imbeciles want, people who are not of the same race marrying should go hide or something. These racist callers are trying to strt another intercultural “war”. Old Navy should stand their ground. We need to stop these hate mongers in their tracts. Those finding this ad not to be offensive far outnumber those who find it offensive. They can take their false cry of racism with them as they fall into the cesspool. Obama is mixed race and his children and his significant other are mixed races, why wasn’t racism call on them?

  2. Casey Hill

    Let me help the Kool-aid drinking Glory. The number of Ads with mixed race (majority Black male and white female) are not representative of the population at large (and yes I have the statistics). Therefore its an Agenda, GET IT? Its ironic because whenever there is a mismatch in corporate America of gender and race disproportionate to the community the secular liberal left is up in arms (even though the lib-tards don’t apply the same logic to the NBA, NFL, etc) . However, when the same thing happens by race mixing agenda hacks … crickets from your side (I am pretty sure it is your side). The real reason is they know lower-IQ individuals (i.e. non whites vote democrat, which means Liberal, 8 to 10. So it makes perfect sense to push the agenda to create a permanent underclass for Elite and slave relationship (i.e. slave works, elites eat and dictate with no competition. Now I know the thruth hurts there little one.

    1. CASEY HILL, I know your kind all too Well BITCH !! You are one of those with the Fucked up Superior Complex over people of Color, Publicly Ostrasizing at every moment you get, but SECRETLY Dreaming about the BIG BLACK DICK !!!

      Lower IQ’s Bitch, study the mutha fuckin TRUE history and you’ll be EDUCTED on how so much of the stolen knowledge and Inventions Developed out of MOTHER AFRICA !!! Which is also the Original Birth place of your ancient family members.

      P.s ….. Regarding the Elite ….. They are of Satan and Satan has NO Respect to the color of your Lily White skin, so lose the mentality that Class is of Importance in this time and day ….. To Satan, cultures of ALL Races will be viewed as just a NUMBER when the Elite installs their One Work Order !!!!!


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