4/20 Is Bourgeoisie Bullshit, Proletariats Don’t Smoke Pot We Do Inhalants!

Right now my fellow proletariats are making money off the middle class selling them weed. Where it’s legalized, it’s the bourgeoisie selling to the bourgeoisie. It’s bullshit. I never have enough money for weed and I don’t believe in stealing unless it is gas from the bourgeoisie. So to deal with the horror of having shitty parents and no money I started huffing gas and different cleaning products.

That shit got me high and was Marxist as fuck.

Pot is a drug for the leisure class—not the working class. Huffing gas gets you real fucked for ten minutes but then I’m coherent again so I can do some bullshit jobs like walk middle-class or rich people’s dogs, clean bird shit off their cars, or whatever the bourgeoisie need while they Netflix and eat bullshit from Trader Joe’s. On 4/20 they reek of pot and wish me a happy 4/20.

I fucking hate pot because it reminds me of those heartless fucks. They ruined pot for me, so I’ve been huffing gas for the last 7 years. But I have had recent realization. I now feel the working class like myself should gets its own drug holiday.

I think 4/21 should be inhalants day. My fellow workers deserve a moment to take their troubles away during the workday too. So on 4/21 at 4:21 find some gasoline, glue, or guitar cleaner (I worked at Guitar Center) and huff away. Let the wah-wah-wah sound bring you peace and remind you that the revolution will come, and soon we won’t be huffing gas but using it to burn down the bourgeoisie!


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