Captain America and the… Oh, Christ, There’s 13 of These Now?

So I was able to catch a viewing of Captain America: Civil War, and I must say it was pretty interesting. Did not see Lincoln’s death coming though, everyone really seemed mostly to like him. Go figures. I also happened to catch a screening of Captain America: Civil War early. So don’t worry, the remainder of this review will be spoiler free. Or will it? No, it will, my employer asked me to keep it that way.

The movie starts out taking place after the events of the latest Avengers film, but still taking into account some of the few events that happened in the last film (he’s on the poster). It starts out by having members of this universe asking questions of themselves that frankly I had never really heard asked from anyone, but I will admit is a good thrust into the main plot and continuing theme for the rest of the film. Which then jumpstarts into the cause of all this, should these super beings sign up under the hand of the government, or stay free? An interesting question, with interesting possibilities. That makes for one very interesting scene.

See how I just quit talking about that right there all of a sudden? Well get used to that in the film. As said in the title there are over 13 of these films now, so those keeping up, including this writer, more or less am familiar with these characters and their personalities. Yet despite my keeping up with it, I’m still not exactly sure why some characters chose certain sides. Due to the juiciness of the subject being killed off (you’ll laugh at that after you’ve seen the movie).

The rest of the movie plays out much like any other Marvel movie you’ve seen, but still remains a Captain America movie despite it’s large cast of players. Speaking of which includes 2 we’ve never seen in this universe, which happily don’t feel too rushed in. I’m actually happy to say, that staying true to the actual Marvel comics, all these characters play very well together (yes I know it’s a movie about them fighting each other).  And one of these new parties which like the old beat up horse prostitute they were sold to as, in this writers opinion is surprisingly the best part of the film.

The highlight of the film by far is the 1st of the last 2 fight sequences, which I must say I think is the best scene in any Marvel film thus far. It reminded me of the climax in the Avengers, but done so much better, and even if you’ve seen all the trailers for this, actually has a few surprises still.

 It’s audience can rest easy I believe, fans of these Marvel films, as it delivers all you can want in a spectacular way. As a film though, it, like just about every superhero for me still falls short. And I don’t believe in giving a movie too much of a pass just because I’ve read the source material and like many people around the world, grew up with its characters. It’s a fun ride I don’t regret taking, but one thing about this reassured something in me, and that’s the ending. While this film technically does end at some point, I myself felt no real sense of closure to it.

Which reminded me, this isn’t really a movie. What I’m sitting here watching, is a universe.



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