Here’s a bulker, as opposed to a tanker. These girls haul dry stuff, like coal and iron ore. Each of those seven hatches should be secured and independent of the others–a direct result of the 1975 Edmund Fitzgerald wreck in Superior (by maritime law, even).

If one takes on water, it won’t screw the whole damn boat. The Fitzgerald was a bulker, too, hauling iron ore out of northern Minnesota to Detroit for which to make cars out of. Gordon Lightfoot sang brilliantly about it, probably his best song. The one ship you guys really should see is the natural gas tanker. It’s kind of like a floating steel balloon. Very cool. Odd-looking, even kind of funny, like a giant breast implant.

Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel and the future. When you go to charge up your Tesla Model 3, feeling all green, you will still be using a fossil fuel to do it, most likely. Probably even coal these days, but coal is dying. Natural gas is the next big thing, due to how clean it burns.

It still produces see oh too, though.
One day we will figure out a truly economical way to generate clean energy, without fadishness and politics, but I think it is a ways off. We need to get rid of the fadishness and politics to see our way clear. Hydrogen?

Who knows… I personally find conspiracy theorists so annoying. I mean, they are so annoying they make me almost violent.

“We didn’t really go to the moon!”

“We did 911 to ourselves!”


“The oil industry is suppressing clean fuel options!”

Bullshit. Fuck you paranoid guys who can’t fathom randomness. The conspiracy theorist needs his conspiracy because he can’t accept randomness. He is afraid to grasp how a dozen crazy-as-fuck Arabs can change human history forever. He NEEDS to see structure behind it, a ‘scheme’, and when there is none, he invents it. You know, there is such a thing as evil in this world. Duh. I invest in oil and study these companies closely. They are doing all they can to survive right now. They ain’t got the time or money to suppress anything.

A low oil price does not help green energy, at all. If oil is cheaper, it will be used. This whole world is tooled for fossil fuels. Non-carbon based fuels–wind, solar–have yet to show a consistent profit. They have yet to show consistency at all. We need our phones charged up all the time. We need to be able to drive anywhere at all at anytime. We need to be able to watch The Walking Dead at 4 in the morning.

For this, you need constant, reliable power. If I hear about another millionaire celebrity flying across the country in his private jet just to tell us peasants we’re using too much energy, I swear to

God I’m going to fucking scream…


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Michael Kindt lives in the Black Hills of South Dakota. He has determined to die there. Soon, probably. Books by Kindt: http://goo.gl/fL8Hic

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