The Poisoning of ‘Batman v. Superman’

Just got out of Batman v. Superman and I want to say it is a sad, sad day for American cinema.

Not because the movie is bad, but because our critics have grown accustom to the generic, fluffy Marvel formula that Disney has peddled into our theaters every single year since The Avengers first came out. It’s nothing new, but they are now overly-critical of anything but. If you did not like Batman v. Superman then you belong to one of three groups: 1. you are a brainwashed dullard and cannot think for yourself, 2. you dislike Zack Snyder and his style of direction, or 3. you are a Superman fan. Plain and simple. And if you belong to the first group, you may not even realize it, you poor pathetic fool.

Your brain has been trained to search for negatives, found in any film ever made, and bruise them to the point of scarring because some critic walked into the film with a conscious or subconscious grudge… which is fair, because criticism is ultimately subjective. But let’s not act like it’s not there. If that 31% didn’t pop up on RottenTomatoes, I’d gamble both of my testicles that the hate being spewed all across Facebook and Twitter would be minimized greatly.

Batman v. Superman is an insane, modern day, over-the-top Greek tragedy. You are not going to find a more ballsy and ambitious comic book movie possibly ever. It doesn’t always hit its targets, and takes courageous leaps with the characterizations of some, but it’s something new and different — and it has made me excited for the future of DC universe. While director Zack Snyder and screenwriter Chris Terrio emasculated Superman (Henry Cavill) to a damning degree, they’ve brought us the definitive Batman (Ben Affleck) and, without a doubt, the best Alfred (Jeremy Irons) ever to appear on screen. Jessie Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor is very hit or miss, but I can appreciate the originality brought to this tired role even if it’s not always on point.

Not a bad movie by any means — kind of schizophrenic at times, especially tonally — but it left me ready for more. Do not listen to the critics on this one. Time will show Batman v. Superman to be a better film than it has been made out to be.

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