‘Batman v. Superman’ Was ‘The Babadook’ of Super Hero Films

MV5BMjI5MjM4MzM1NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNzA5MjkxNjE@._V1_SY525_CR173,0,700,525_AL_*The only spoiler is I fucking hate The Babadook*

What the hell was that Zack Synder? Dude, I loved Watchmen, I loved 300, and I really loved your Dawn of the Dead remake but Sucker Punch and these last two Superman films were mediocre and then just shitty. While Man of Steel was decent enough this was just a mess.

This film gave me flashbacks of when I watched The Babadook. I saw a film with so much promise that ended in a mess because it decided to be an art film in the 3rd act. There was no good act in Superman vs Batman, there was a lot of promise that was squandered by a bad script and shitty direction.

I might be showing my middlebrow and myopic ways but I just want a good story. This movie felt like a film student decided to make an artsy superhero movie with 200 million and didn’t have the necessary storytelling skills to make something memorable. What worked in Watchmen did not work in Batman v Superman. Just like a meandering art film, there was really no character development or tight storytelling, and really no plot—things just happen—and then this happened, and this happened, and this happened, and then there was Wonder Woman (who was the best part of the film).

There were so many great themes and such great potential that just didn’t pan out. I could see Zack was aiming for a Dark Knight vibe but Zach, bruh, you are not Christopher Nolan—just be you! You are going to have two more films to do and you need to just direct an entertaining and heartfelt story. Hopefully the third time will be the charm and we can have a great film involving Superman in this century.


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  1. Ranty, but accurate. Though I still don’t know why everyone liked WW so much. They got her right in battle, but she was very limited. It didn’t feel Nolan to me, but it did feel awful.

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