President Trump and The Prospect of Moving to Canada


So if Donald Trump becomes president, you want to move to Canada?

I’ve heard a few people say that, anyway. Canada: America’s hat, where everybody’s nice and healthcare is free and guns are only used for hunting animals.

It’s a goddamn paradise. So what if gas is 5 bucks a gallon and fully a quarter of the population lives on the government’s dole?

There is a French-speaking part of Canada. You would think they’d grasp the French word ‘entrepreneur.’


To move to Canada, what you need is a job in Canada, otherwise you are not allowed to move there (on any permanent or long-term basis). Imagine if we Americans took such RAYCIST measures as requiring people who want to come here to have a job already lined up…

Anyway, I find it funny that dipshit liberals want to move to a country with the same immigration policy that the man they hate is proposing for this country. He is vilified as a RAYCIST! What about Canada, doing the exact same shit? Oh, that’s ok.
Come on, it’s worth a couple of knee-slaps….


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    1. I don’t know about your last comment, that they’re running away from a man who proposes same immigration law as Canada. Trudeau is accepting 25k Syrian refugees (Muslims among them) while Trump wants to deport Muslims (temporarily, but still ‘deport’) and build a wall along Mexican border (he might be exaggerating, but still ‘a wall’). Now, people are obviously only pretending to move to Canada. Once they find out all it is necessary to undergo, they’ll do what they probably should have done at the beginning – get a voter’s permit.

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