President Trump and The Prospect of Moving to Canada


So if Donald Trump becomes president, you want to move to Canada?

I’ve heard a few people say that, anyway. Canada: America’s hat, where everybody’s nice and healthcare is free and guns are only used for hunting animals.

It’s a goddamn paradise. So what if gas is 5 bucks a gallon and fully a quarter of the population lives on the government’s dole?

There is a French-speaking part of Canada. You would think they’d grasp the French word ‘entrepreneur.’


To move to Canada, what you need is a job in Canada, otherwise you are not allowed to move there (on any permanent or long-term basis). Imagine if we Americans took such RAYCIST measures as requiring people who want to come here to have a job already lined up…

Anyway, I find it funny that dipshit liberals want to move to a country with the same immigration policy that the man they hate is proposing for this country. He is vilified as a RAYCIST! What about Canada, doing the exact same shit? Oh, that’s ok.
Come on, it’s worth a couple of knee-slaps….