The Impacts of Impatience

Impatience keeps you moving. It can be a step in the right direction, or it could just be another step, not necessarily in the wrong direction, but one that will lead you away. In terms of creativity, impatience can lead you to a quicker, more efficient solution. Or, it could lead you to abandon the idea altogether.

A young George R.R. Martin

I have never spoken to George R.R. Martin before, but it is safe to assume that he did not create the Game of Thrones universe in one night, one week, or even one month. That goes for Skyrim (and the whole Elder Scrolls series for that matter), The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, etc. The list goes on. A huge aspect of what makes these separate from other universes that never saw the light of the day is the fact that some very patient people stuck with them. This is important to note; if you truly believe in a project, stick with it. You have your own time on this planet, so why not dedicate it to something you believe in? It doesn’t have to be as complex as building an entire universe. You could be writing a song, a story, or even coming up with a new design.

One of the most frustrating moments in life can be writer’s block. Whether you are writing a book, a screenplay, or even a short poem, writer’s block can irk you to no end and make you want to mentally squirm. You have two kinds of impatience at this point. The first one tells you to move on and forget about something that isn’t worth it, because clearly if it was meant to be, the words would simply come to you, right? Wrong.

The second one tells you to keep thinking, keep trying, and keep pushing until you figure out that word, or line, or whatever it is your brain is attempting to figure out. That first impatience is hazardous and unfortunately I have fallen victim to it.

I have abandoned so many creative endeavors, mainly because I want results, and I want them sooner than I should expect them. It’s a learning process and I’m still learning. Just with any commitment, you have to want to be in it for the long run. What’s in it for you? Are you doing it because it fulfills that desire of yours to be creative? What’s your goal?

This isn’t to say that all ideas are great. Some ideas need to be abandoned and maybe recycled in the future. But creative-minded individuals are builders. And if you get sick of building, you’ll continue to stay in the same spot forever.

Ultimately, it is patience that will allow your idea to grow, or die.


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