An Ode to Trump


Trump is dumb
all that racist talk,
he needs to dump.
I still can’t tell,
is it his face or it’s his bum?
‘cause what comes outta that hole,
smells to me, a bit like chum.
Do not waste a vote for him,
‘cause it’s a vote that doesn’t sum.
Judging him, for what he says,
he seems to me that he’s a crumb.
Allow him into the White House,
And it will end up like a slum.
Seeing people supporting him,
it shocks me, it makes me numb.
The only use I see for him,
is to use him as a plumb,
in a pool that’s full of shit,
were he belongs, that fascist scum.


About Joel Amat Güell

Joel is an illustrator, graphic designer and writer from Catalunya. He has designed for bands and clothing brands you probably have never heard of and for some that you probably have. He has designed and illustrated other stuff for other people too.

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