Parent Yourself Through Writer’s Block

Whether it is writing or doing any activity that involves you being vulnerable, you are going to have to find ways to push through when you’re ‘not feeling it.’ I think the toughest job for artists of any genre is not creating (good habits and desire will take care of that) but dealing with and managing feelings. There are destructive ways to deal with them: drinking or drugging them away, or pushing them down, but you will only harm yourself and your art by doing that.

We want our subconscious to be focused on the story, not feeling like it needs to be speak out about something we are not dealing with. We want our whole self to be in the chair with us. The magic of good storytelling happens when your conscious and subconscious mind are working together.

So when I feel these feeling come up before I work, I address them like they are a child. I listen to them, comfort them, and then challenge the negativity with logic. I basically TV-Dad-Talk to them and that side of me that is freaking out or upset is comforted. The kid in me feels safe and wants me to play.

It is then time to write.


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