How Hydroxycut Gummies Sweetened & Spiced Up My Sex Life


Trigger Warning: explicit sex acts involving gummy products


My boyfriend Trevor and I have struggled to stay healthy and have a hot sex life. We are foodies and like to mix food into the mix, but it has really caused some unfortunate weight gain. Food and sex always went hand to mouth with me. Have you ever eaten sprinkled goat cheese off a hard cock? It’s heaven. My break out book featured a Cheese Jesus, because I think subconsciously I believe heaven is made of cheese.

Unfortunately my love of cheese has gone straight to my ass and thighs.

Dieting was really hurting our sex life. Then we discovered the miracle of Hydroxycut Gummies.

Since I was a little girl I loved anything “gummy.” My Freshmen year of college I partied with Sigma Chi and had the rush brothers eat alligator gummies out of my vagina. I would return the favor and wrap their cocks up in gummy worms, like little mummies, and eat and unwrap them.

It was so hot.

I would get off so hard.

The combination of the sweet gummy taste along with the natural flavor of a man left me intoxicated.

Now I’m an adult and struggling with spiked blood levels and cortisol in my stomach. I have found the cure for my gummy lust—Hydroxycut Gummies. I finally found a food for my sex life that is healthy.

These special gummy bears I can put in my ass and wet pussy so that Trevor no longer needs to eat gluten free cheesecake after sex, but it is even better for me.

My favorite thing is to stick these gummies against Trevor’s balls until they are stuck. Then I eat them off as I eat his ass. He returns the favor and puts the gummy right on my clit and nibbles it off. It drives me wild!

It is great because I’m getting my gummy-cum fix but these have weight loss properties! I have already lost 5-pounds and I feel so full and don’t need after-sex snacks. I fully endorse Hydroxycut and thank them for making a truly glorious products. Trevor and I will be making a Valentines video of our gummy lovemaking.

I want to thank the makers of Hydroxycut for saving my sex life!


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