A Review of ‘The Life of Pablo’

I haven’t actually heard the album but, wait. Don’t stop there?


Why? Because being up to date is crucial in modern society. A review itself is a creative engagement with the work of art. Anticipation breeds your imagination. I remember being a kid and seeing the trailer for The Royal Tenenbaums and to me it was a distillation of a day glo, Narnia-Salinger literally magic realism that existed in my brain already. This encoded realm went on for months. When I finally saw the film, while I enjoyed it, it was more hermetic than my free flowing fantasy. Guard these fever dreams. Don’t listen to Kanye’s album, listen to the album in your head and make it!

“But Bruh. You didn’t listen to the album…”

I know. Perhaps there’s a political message for this post. Dismantle the institutional recism in our prison industrial complex! Make starbucks finally carry almond milk! Dismantle Clintons shakey political machine and chloroform all her super delegates to create a fair fight for Sanders!

Give Kanye the best actor oscar for the unsubstantiated Hollywood reporter article that he was gonna be in Chi-Raq! Watch Cosplay Fetish Battle Drones!

Four stars!