Small Press Names 10 Other Small Presses in Top 10 List of Nepotism & Dick Suckery

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 10.39.55 PM
Seen above, small press journalism

In stunning news, announced 10 small presses–all of whom, remarkably, have ties to–as the ten most important presses of 2016! An insider provided us with a hot scoop that this was no accident.

According to our source, who shall not be named, the writer of the top 10 list may have deliberately done this to build a friendlier rapport with the presses that were named and grant them a spotlight to collect new readers, even though the readers of solely happen to be publishers and authors related to the small presses named.

It’s almost as if the authors, publishing houses, and websites in this circle are eating the feces of their neighbors, digesting them, shitting them out, and feeding them to the next person like an oval human centipede.

Who could’ve ever seen this coming?


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