‘Pancake Day’ Horror Parody Hits YouTube

Many years ago Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez teamed up for Grindhouse, an ambitious love letter to over-the-top ’70s cinema. Perhaps more beloved than the double feature itself, though, were the trailers that accompanied it, directed by the likes of Eli Roth, Rob Zombie, and Edgar Wright. Some of these movies were spun off into authentic features (like Machete and Hobo with a Shotgun) while others were left on the floor as pipe dreams (Please, Eli, let us have Thanksgiving.)

Now director Luke Jones and producer D.J. Devereux have come along to revive interest in the genre with their horror parody Pancake Day.

Pancake Day (2016) Official Poster Art, Good Films Bad Movies Productions

“What can I say about Pancake Day,” director Luke Jones started, “It’s a short film/fake trailer for a ’80s style slasher flicks. [It] does not exist. There was Halloween, New Years Evil, Black Christmas, hell even April Fools Day and Mother’s Day got horror films! So I wanted to pick the silliest holiday I could think of… like the studio was really scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas.

Plot wise it’s very loose, we did write a script–well we tried, the laptop we uses to write was missing A,U,E,O,C, and SPACE… So we kind of jotted down scenes and ideas more than anything. I wanted this to tick all the horror cliches boxes, I wanted the psycho on the loose, the police hunting him down, the jock with his Letterman college jacket, and there had to be a party. Drunk teenagers and red cups… All parties have RED cups!

UK Filmmakers D.J. Devereux and Luke Jones

It was made really on the cheap, no budget filmmaking! [It] forces you to be extra creative.” 

Producer D.J. Devereux said “Me and Luke [Jones] have been close friends for years and fellow filmmakers for just as long. We met in college, we both studied media and we bonded over our love for cinema. Luke told me about the project and i laughed and was like ‘Oh Okay, how you going to do this and is there going to be a head explosion like in Scanners?’ Before I could even finish the sentence, Luke pulls up the first cut of the scene where Andy gets his head split in to with a axe! I thought this film was going to be Luke’s calling card as a genre director, but what actually amazed me about the whole process, is the wonderful sense of community and family he created during the production of this film! He is a great man to work with and his film shows a grand love letter to the ’70s grindhouse and ’80s video nasties and I am pleased to be part of it… Even if I spent more than half of the process as producer, trying to turn the Pancake Day into Cape Fear.”

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