Every Kanye West Song Ranked

I’m a huge Kanye fan (nerd) so I made this. It will be updated when Swish Waves drops in about two weeks.

This list only includes tracks (and bonus tracks, but not skits or interludes) from commercially sold Kanye West solo albums with the exception of “Only One” and “All Day” which were sold as singles for the cancelled album “So Help Me God.” That means no Watch The Throne, Cruel Summer, G.O.O.D. Fridays, Freshmen Adjustment mixtapes, Live Orchestration, VH1 Storytellers, “Graduation: Bonus Tracks, Remixes, Unreleased,” stuff from his Soundcloud, or from compilation albums (such as White Dress) or any other otherwise unreleased or remixed tracks.


82.) “I’m In It” (Yeezus)
81.) “Drunk and Hot Girls” (Graduation)
80.) “My Way Home” (Late Registration)
79.) “Send It Up” (Yeezus)
78.) “Pinocchio Story” (808s & Heartbreak)
77.) “New Slaves” (Yeezus)
76.) “Never Let Me Down” (The College Dropout)
75.) “Big Brother” (Graduation)
74.) “Bound 2” (Yeezus)
73.) “Only One” (So Help Me God)
72.) “Guilt Trip” (Yeezus)
71.) “Breathe In Breathe Out” (The College Dropout)
70.) “Touch The Sky” (Late Registration)
69.) “Champion” (Graduation)
68.) “Heartless” (808s & Heartbreak)
67.) “Bittersweet Poetry” (Graduation)
66.) “Bring Me Down” (Late Registration)
65.) “Amazing” (808s & Heartbreak)
64.) “Good Night” (Graduation)
63.) “Addiction” (Late Registration)
62.) “Say You Will” (808s & Heartbreak)
61.) “See You In My Nightmares” (808s & Heartbreak)
60.) “All Day” (So Help Me God)
59.) “Hold My Liquor” (Yeezus)
58.) “Homecoming” (Graduation)
57.) “Heard ‘Em Say” (Late Registration)
56.) “Flashing Lights” (Graduation)
55.) “Welcome To Heartbreak” (808s and Heartbreak)
54.) “Good Life” (Graduation)
53.) “We Can Make It Better” (Late Registration)
52.) “Barry Bonds” (Graduation)
51.) “Roses” (Late Registration)
50.) “Bad News” (808s & Heartbreak)
49.) “We Major” (Late Registration)
48.) “All Falls Down” (The College Dropout)
47.) “School Spirit” (The College Dropout)
46.) “I Am A God” (Yeezus)
45.) “Coldest Winter” (808s & Heartbreak)
44.) “Celebration” (Late Registration)
43.) “Monster” (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy)
42.) “Through The Wire” (The College Dropout)
41.) “Get Em High” (The College Dropout)
40.) “Blood On The Leaves” (Yeezus)
39.) “Crack Music” (Late Registration)
38.) “Late” (Late Registration)
37.) “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” (Graduation)
36.) “Good Morning” (Graduation)
35.) “Diamonds From Sierra Leone Remix” (Late Registration)
34.) “Two Words” (The College Dropout)
33.) “Last Call” (The College Dropout)
32.) “On Sight” (Yeezus)
31.) “We Don’t Care” (The College Dropout)
30.) “Family Business” (The College Dropout)
29.) “I Wonder” (Graduation)
28.) “Street Lights” (808s & Heartbreak)
27.) “Gorgeous” (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Family)
26.) “Paranoid” (808s & Heartbreak)
25.) “Everything I Am” (Graduation)
24.) “Power” (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy)
23.) “Dark Fantasy” (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy)
22.) “The Glory” (Graduation)
21.) “Gold Digger” (Late Registration)
20.) “Drive Slow” (Late Registration)
19.) “Spaceship” (The College Dropout)
18.) “All Of The Lights” (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy)
17.) “See Me Now” (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy)
16.) “Hell Of A Life” (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy)
15.) “Slow Jamz” (The College Dropout)
14.) “Hey Mama” (Late Registration)
13.) “The New Workout Plan” (The College Dropout)
12.) “Lost In The World” (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy)
11.) “Gone” (Late Registration)
10.) “Robocop” (808s & Heartbreak)
9.) “So Appalled” (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy)
8.) “Jesus Walks” (The College Dropout)
7.) “Love Lockdown” (808s & Heartbreak)
6.) “Black Skinhead” (Yeezus)
5.) “Blame Game” (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy)
4.) “Devil In A New Dress” (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy)
3.) “Stronger” (Graduation)
2.) “Diamonds From Sierra Leone” (Late Registration)
1.) “Runaway” (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy)


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