The Case for Grandpa Bernie

I am, indeed, a capitalist, but I consider myself a reasonable one. America is a capitalist nation, at it’s heart, but we have embraced socialistic tendencies and thought on numerous occasions before. Generally, it was all brought about by the great FDR and the even Greater Depression.

Do you realize that our agriculture/food production is essentially socialized? Farmers are paid by the government to keep growing unprofitable crops. This makes no sense from a capitalist standpoint, but does from a societal one.

It’s because of the way food works. You can’t just magically create food. You have to grow it. It takes at least a half a year, sometimes longer. Since it’s no longer profitable growing this particular food, in a pure capitalist situation, everybody would stop growing it. Over time, you are left with shortages.


President Roosevelt
FDR, tired of dealing with people’s bullshit.

What FDR did was say, “Here’s some money. You keep growing your food. Why? Because we’ll always need food. The market be damned.”

We have essentially socialized our agriculture, and I think that’s wise.

We have also socialized gambling, but that’s only because our governments are money hungry pigs, the money used for nothing much, really. Our governments, both national and local are perpetually low on money. Giving them more money, in taxes or whatever, will not solve the problem. Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook, actually gave his elementary school in New Jersey $100 million dollars. In four short years it was gone and the school was back to being hard up, just like any government entity.

Government sucks ass with money. Always, ALWAYS vote against tax or fee increases. Deny your drunken uncle his vodka. Haha.

We have yet to truly socialize healthcare. ObamaCare forces a person into healthcare coverage that isn’t really affordable, and then fines them if they opt out. It’s a total dick move and not socialist at all. I think healthcare is a right, not a product. Just like a regular supply of food is a right, not a product. ObamaCare is a sham.

I want fucking free healthcare for no other reason than I’m a human.

Goddammit. Bernie is the only one talking this. I love Grandpa Bernie. I know I have talked Trump, but my heart (medically) lies with Bernie.

The most beautiful matchup: Trump vs. Sanders!


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